Jeep cool Cherokee owners have reported 15problems related to starter solenoid (under the electrical system category).The most recently reported issues are listed below.Also please check out thestatistics and also reliability analysis of Jeep cool Cherokee based on all troubles reported for the cool Cherokee.

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I obtained a recall native Chrysler/Jeep in regard come the brake/transmission shift interlock solenoid i beg your pardon may have an incorrectly crimped electric connector. This might lead to the transition gear becoming locked in park or neutral position and cause a crash there is no warning. I received the remind in June 2016. Jeep of white plains, NY told me that service did no have enough parts and would location me ~ above a wait list. In August, ns contacted lock again and they explained that the was now a software application issue and also my car would just require a download. Once I brought the vehicle in ~ above 8/31, they told me that they could not company the vehicle because the doesnt need a download (I was offer the wrong info), the component is not obtainable and i will need to be placed on a waiting list again. Waiting over 3 months for a remind is far from timely. Check out all troubles of the 2016 Jeep grand CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

The contact owns a 2008 Jeep grand Cherokee. When driving approximately 20 mph, the contact attempted to do a left turn and also the automobile shut down and also the steering wheel locked up. The failure recurred numerous times. The inspect engine oil irradiate illuminated. In each case, the auto restarted after a while. The automobile was required to a regional dealer whereby it was diagnosed. The dealer changed the solenoid and the harness, yet the fail recurred. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failure and stated that the VIN to be not had in the recall associated with the failure. The failure was not remedied. The failure mileage was 86,100. View all difficulties of the 2008 Jeep grand CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

It generally takes a good 10 to 15 minute to start periodically then once I do acquire it began I have actually the same problems that I have read about on this website and many other websites. The car will no go over 20 miles every hour and you need to pull turn off the road, revolve off the vehicle, wait and turn it ago on. That is almost like the Jeep has to be reset. I have talked with number of people and also had the codes ran. The keeps comes up that it is the solenoid and starter. I have actually read on numerous blogs around the same issue that the solenoid wires room not defended from rain water in this vehicle and also it reasons them to corrode or go negative all together. This is an worry that needs to be recalled. If they understand that the wires room not defended from rain water then there requirements to it is in some form of protection that they have the right to put end them or install a various kind that wire. This is costing people hundreds of dollars to repair something that should have never to be an issue. Likewise this is a security hazard because when we pull the end on the road we intend our auto to excel properly and also go end 20 miles every hour. See all difficulties of the 2007 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

While driving for around 20mins the was a hard transition and my truck was stuck in third gear and also the check engine light come on. Ns took it to a mechanic and also he said it might be the shift solenoid and also it would price 700 to take it my infection apart to inspect it. $700 later im still having the difficulty I bought the vehicle at 82k im now at 92k I save up consistent service. What is monster is when I rotate my turn my truck earlier on that no much longer in 3rd and it stays that method for occasionally weeks yet it comes ago surely. Watch all problems of the 2005 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

2007 Jeep cool Cherokee. Consumer writes in regards to company 4 wheel" error password message shows up when auto is put into neutral. The consumer stated he took the vehicle to the dealer, for repairs under remind 13v175000. After ~ the recall was performed, he declared the adhering to happened v the vehicle: as soon as he test to placed the vehicle in neutral, a message appeared that read service 4-wheel. He take it the auto to a fix shop and also was said the error code stated the transfer case encoded motor was at fault. He had actually the fix done and had the transmission and also transfer case serviced. The encoder motor had to be purchased from the Chrysler dealer. 2 months later, the attempted to placed the vehicle in neutral and also the same post appeared. He took the vehicle back to the dealer and they performed the same recall repairs. On April 24, 2014, the message showed up again. ~ above April 30, 2014 the auto would no start, therefore it had actually to it is in towed to the dealer. They changed the starter solenoid and also both front home window motors. Also, the organization 4 wheel had showed up again. On might 2, 21 ,and 27 2014, the same company message appeared, and June 1, 2014.

My vehicle tolled come armory garage, since at that time, insurance had actually to keep sending someone come come and also restart the vehicle. Or it will start yet then turn around and also stall later. After paying $1300 plus to armory garage, they only charged me because that diagnosis and fixing difficulties with a battery gift overdrawn. They insurance claim to have replaced the bcm computer. However, after payment all that money i still have problems with my vehicle. I have actually replaced, starter, alternator, battery, computer system module v armory garage, ignition coil fixed. All i keep obtaining is the the emissions is the problem due to the fact that it states large and tiny leak. However, even today it has actually not to be fixed. I have actually spent closed to over $3500 ~ above my automobile to get it running and it tho stalls after all the above have been replaced. P0442, p0455, p0351, are the critical codes to the vehicle. However, one evap purse solenoid has actually been addressed as well. Every this money and also still have difficulties with the vehicle stalling and running however turns off appropriate in the center of driving. See all difficulties of the 1997 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

Black plastic connector that connects yellow wire to starter solenoid comes loose and/or gets dirty or corroded bring about it no to do contact and also the automobile will occasionally not start. I"ve have actually seen on various online court with human being having this exact same problem. Dealerships constantly want to replace starter and other parts as soon as it is just this bad connection thats the problem. Chrysler denies it"s a problem and also dealer mechanics will not placed on a far better connector. They as with to keep charging people for brand-new starters and also other parts once they don"t require them. This loose connection likewise could likewise cause a fire, it is an obvious flaw in design and a fire could reason serious injury or fatality to someone the doesn"t establish the connection is bad.

When transforming the ignition vital to the start position, you hear 1 "click" but the auto does not start. This is one intermittent occasion that seems to come and go every few months. Once it happens, I need to leave the crucial in the on place for about 1 - 2 minutes, then attempt to start the engine again. I had previously had my vehicle serviced at the dealership for this problem, but due to the fact that it is therefore random, the service personnel might not recreate the event. I even advised lock that various other owners, registering this very same complaint, pointed come corroded solenoid wires as being the culprit. However, the service department had me acquisition a new battery last year. This did not resolve the condition which continues periodically to this very day. Unfortunately, the automobile has been unable to begin at a couple of times as soon as the next site were much less than completely safe. . Check out more...

In might 2008, 15308 mi top top Jeep, slowing because that red light, dies, all dash lights com on, no strength to steer, no wipers, etc. ; starts ago on it"s own. Required to dealer, no code, no re-act; has happened intermittent since-safety problem in traffic. Now tranny problem, started sept. 2010, 37,600 mi, password 750, changed solenoid pk in tranny, now code because that low press send circuit, drives a few miles climate goes and stays in 4th gear; 3 months and still not drivable. Need recall because that esm and tbs prior to someone gets killed. Chrysler need to stand behind their products & be responsible because that design and also components. This is very disheartening due to the fact that both mine husband and also I very own a tiny biz and are struggling simply to store the doors open and now add the price of diagnosing Chrysler"s problem is just too much! i warranty mine work, wear & tear considered, as must Chrysler before someone is pains or worse- dies trying to get to out of traffic.

Car would not start. It to be towed to the dealership which had actually to replace the starter solenoid wire. The business department educated me this was a know design defect, but since I was just out of warranty (37k) i would need to cover the cost. If this is a know problem, why isn"t it fixed.

My 2005 Jeep cool Cherokee minimal will not begin sometimes. Every little thing else will seem to be functioning fine, but I walk to begin my car and I obtain a click, but no crank. The battery, alternator, starter, solenoid have all been tested, and do not seem to it is in the problem. I have found many other Jeep owner that have had actually the same problem.

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Both tail light assemblies stopped working and was cited by a police officer. Replacement to be ~$500. Behind lift door lock actuator is broken, for this reason cannot open up lift gate. Appropriate rear door lock will not enable opening from inside. Change sensor/solenoid has gone bad twice top to difficulties with changing from gears (revs really high prior to shifting). Rotors space constantly ending up being warped and brakes have to be readjusted. Left blinker no much longer works and also to settle it, the dealership called me they have to replace this entire engine block for about $800. Power window lock no longer works. Various other than that, automobile runs an excellent :). Check out all troubles of the 2000 Jeep cool CherokeeğŸ”Ž.

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