Testing the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor on your Ford van or SUV or full size van is a very straightforward and easy affair. This write-up will walk you v the whole process without remove the MAF sensor from the engine. As you may already know, the MAF sensor is inside the ring air filter canister assembly and also this short article will teach you how to check it.

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The MAF sensor test/diagnostic have the right to be achieved in 4 easy steps using a multimeter. Girlfriend don"t also need a scan tool! below you"ll find important pre-test info that"ll speed up the diagnostic process.

If you"re in search of the post on exactly how to test the Ford MAF sensor that"s not inside the waiting filter canister assembly, walk here: exactly how To test Ford MAF Sensors utilizing A Multimeter.

OK, one last thing before we jump into the test, if you"re diagnosing a 4.6L or 5.4L pick up or SUV, permit me just make you aware where friend can discover a complete list the 4.6L and 5.4L ‘How come Test’ short articles that are situated in this net Site and also at troubleshootmyvehicle.com and also this perform is uncovered here: Ford 4.6L, 5.4L table of contents Of Articles.

girlfriend can uncover this indict in Spanish here: Cómo Probar El MAF Ford (4.2L, 4.6L, 5.4L) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

Common symptom Of A poor Ford MAF Sensor

This perform covers the bulk of symptoms I"ve watched on these species of Ford mass air circulation sensors:

MAF Codes that light up the inspect engine irradiate (CEL) on her instrument cluster.P0102: massive Air flow (MAF) Circuit low Input.P0103: fixed Air flow (MAF) Circuit High Input.MAF sensor breakdown that DOES no light up the inspect engine light (CEL).Lean and/or well-off code(s).Fuel Trim code(s).A tremendous absence of strength upon acceleration.Black smoke coming from the tail-pipe.Bad gas mileage.Vehicle might idle rough and stall.

Is mine Ford MAF Sensor simply Dirty?

MAF sensors have actually a tremendous tendency to obtain dirty and cause numerous headaches that might include: poor gas mileage, greater emissions, and/or absence of power. Because that the most part, once one is dirty, the truck, or valve or SUV appears to journey OK, yet not with the exact same peppiness as before. So just how do ns diagnose a dirty/contaminated Ford MAF sensor? Well:

Or, I"ll check it an initial following the guidelines collection in this article, to check out if it"s producing a MAF signal.If that is creating a signal, yet the signal"s solution is too slow-moving to changes in throttle position, climate I know to look right into cleaning it.

Why does it gain dirty/contaminated? Well, it"s usually as result of an waiting filter no performing its task or the round plastic canister assembly, that holds the air filter, is broken or no sealing correctly. The Ford MAF sensors are few of the most basic MAF sensor to clean. To see/read the action by action instructions on exactly how to clean this form of Ford MAF sensor in the round air filter canister, click here: clean The Ford Canister form MAF Sensor.


Air Leaks Wreaking destruction On MAF Sensor Control

The 2nd most common problem I have actually encountered on most Fords (Mercurys and Lincolns) end the year is air leaks in between the MAF sensor and the accelerator body. The is crucial, yes very an important that you first check that there are no wait leaks in between these two. Wait entering after ~ the fixed air flow sensor into the engine will certainly negatively affect fuel injection. And will skew the results of her tests i m sorry could an outcome in the replacement of a an excellent MAF (and in the process throwing money away).

How do you inspect for waiting leaks? with your eyes and also hands. That"s right, no special tools required. Just eyeball and also physically shake/move the rubber air ducts that attach the MAF sensor come the throttle body to see if it"s loosened or disconnected.

Circuit explanation Of The Ford MAF Sensor"s Connector

Whether your driving a Ford, Mercury or Lincoln full size choose up (F150-F350), SUV, or full size valve (E150-E350) the circuits descriptions of the wires coming out of the ring air filter canister space the same. You"ll notice that the image (in the photo photo above) have the MAF connectors numbered 1 thru" 4. I"ll be making use of these numbers for the circuit descriptions. Here"s the description of every circuit below:

Number 1:MAF Signal.Number 2:Ground that the ECM provides.Number 3:Ground.Number 4:12 Volts.

To check these circuits you"ll should use a tool to pierce the wire to be tested. Ns recommend using a wire-piercing probe due to the fact that it"ll it is in the most effective and easiest method of getting to the signal. If you should see what this device looks like, click here: Wire-Piercing Probe. Independent of the technique you use, be careful not to damages the wire(s). Take all security precautions.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that the color of the wires (coming out of her Ford, Lincoln or Mercury pick up or SUV or van) does no matter. In various other words, the circuit description/job that the cable is the exact same regardless the Make/Model and color the the wire.

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IMPORTANT: all of the tests room ON car TESTS, do not remove the fixed air circulation sensor from the car or from its plumbing.