Is your truck not going any type of faster once you push the gas at speed? maybe you have actually experienced a noticeable drop in gas purpose of use lately. You might have a bad catalytic converter! We"ve obtained a step-by-step malfunction on how to replace the catalytic converter in your truck, including everything you require to know to acquire the task done.

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This article uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014).

A catalytic converter (or "cat") is an important part of any kind of Ford F-150"s exhaust mechanism that converts harmful compounds into harmless ones. The converter look at a lot favor a muffler and also sits between the engine and muffler. Like any kind of part, time and also use can cause a converter come fail. Typically, though, they critical the life that a vehicle. Using leaded fuel, overuse that fuel additives, damaged exhaust valves, or fouled plugs have the right to shorten the life the a converter. Instead of the catalytic converter at residence is a reasonably straightforward process, but it calls for some physical effort. The larger the truck, the more challenging it will be to complimentary the catalytic converters indigenous the exhaust.


Materials NeededSocket wrench setHammerJackJack stands

Step 1 - Jack increase the F-150

Place jack stands under the frame. Be sure to use a jack that is rated high enough to take care of the load of the truck. Location the jack stands under the structure of the truck. Don"t location the jack too close to the body. Lower the truck onto the jack stands.

Figure 1. Location jack stand (in blue) under the frame of the vehicle.

Step 2 - situate the catalytic converter

On an F-150, the catalytic converters room usually around three feet far from the engine towards the muffler. Easy tap the catalytic converter v a hammer top top both ends. This allows the remove of enough debris to situate the nuts that host the converter to the mount.

Figure 2. #4 and also #7 are the passenger and driver"s next catalytic converters.

Step 3 - remove the catalytic converter

Loosen every of the bolts holding the catalytic converter come the mount using the socket collection and turning them counterclockwise. When the bolts space loose, pull the catalytic converter off the mount.

Figure 3. Removed a catalytic converter.

Step 4 - download the brand-new catalytic converter

Install the brand-new catalytic converter by pushing it towards the engine and also sliding back onto the mount. Replace the bolts and tighten them utilizing the socket set, turning them in a clockwise motion.

Figure 4. A brand-new catalytic converter.

Step 5 - reduced truck and also remove jack stands

Use the jack to lift the truck up enough to remove the jack stands. Reduced the truck earlier to the ground and also remove the jack and also jack stands. Go for a test journey to ensure proper installation. Reinspect the exhaust system if the smell of exhaust gas comes v the cab. Make sure there room no leaks native the brand-new catalytic converter and also that all exhaust pipe connections are snugly right together.

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Figure 5. Test journey the van to ensure appropriate installation.

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