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Hey all I"m a newbie only having my 300 because that 2 month now. Slowly changing things, and also now I"m going come be acquiring rims and rubber. However I"m not sure if I should go with 20"s or 22"s I understand which rim i want, I also hear if you go through 22"s the ride is ruffer.Any feedback would be appreciatedCheers

22"s all the way
You"ll remorse it if you don"t! what i think
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22"s will look far better but the ride will be a tiny worse. I have actually 20"s through lowering springs and love mine setup. If you go with 20"s you might want to update to 22"s so you can want to keep that in mind.

True, the journey will experience with 22"s together you can"t gain as lot sidewall on her tires and have them fit...unless you desire to raise your car. However there room a many folks running 22"s and also have some nice fitments that give them the largest amount of tires sidewall feasible to smooth out the drive a bit.Going come 22"s may require you roll your fenders to prevent rubs.

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22"s will make all the distinction . The journey suffering component is largely overblown hype in my opinion . Uneven your roadways are certain horrendous .....not an issue . Specifically if you determined the proper series rubber together MADDOG mentions .
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