The 2006 silver eagles have value as both numismatic coins and as silver bullion. Keep reading to learn an ext about these coins.



Type: American silver- Eagle Year: 2006 Face Value: $1.00 Composition: 99.9% silver Total Weight: 1 troy oz. Current silver Bullion Value: $23.11

To memory the 20th anniversary of the American silver eagle series, the US produced several different silver eagles for the year 2006. The US produced the 2006 silver eagle v no mint mark, the 2006 W burnished silver eagle, the 2006 W proof silver eagle, and also the 2006 ns reverse proof silver eagle. The mint mark, when present, deserve to be found on the turning back side the the coin.

Proof coins are basically coins the have much more detail. They are minted on one-of-a-kind planchets and also it takes longer to create them. Every proof coin initially comes in a united state Mint approve velvet box and a certificate of authorization (COA).

The burnished silver- eagle debuted this year and also these coins have a unique look come them. Burnished coins have actually a matte-like finish and they appear less shiny.

The reverse proof silver- eagle is a unique edition coin that has actually a brilliant mirror-like appearance. The 2006 reverse proof silver- eagle has the 2nd lowest mintage in all of the proof silver- eagle series. You might only buy this coins as component of a three-piece set that additionally included a standard proof silver eagle and also a burnished silver eagle.

SeriesLocationQuantity Minted
2006West Point10,676,522
2006 W, BurnishedWest Point468,020
2006 W ProofWest Point1,092,477
2006 p Reverse ProofPhiladelphia248,875


This coin, nevertheless of condition, is precious at least its load in silver. The current spot price of silver- is $23.11 every ounce as of September 16, 2021. Because of this $23.11 is the existing melt worth of this coin.

The 2006 silver- eagle through no mint mark is worth around $38 in uncirculated condition.

The 2006 W silver eagle v the burnished end up is worth about $75 in uncirculated condition.

The 2006 W proof silver eagle is worth roughly $50 in evidence condition.

Lastly the 2006 p reverse proof silver eagle is the most rare and valuable series.

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This coin is worth approximately $160 in evidence condition.