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Where in the world is fuel filter top top "05 Pathfinder?Holy hades. I"ve spent an ext time trying to find the flipping fuel filter ~ above this thing -vs- transforming oil, an altering the oil filter, installing a fumoto drainpipe valve, and also replacing the wait filter.Where in the heck is the fuel filter situated :wtf:
Looks choose it"s in the fuel pump assy in the fuel tank. That"s the just one I can find in the business manual. There might be another.

The filter is an alleged to it is in a "lifetime" filter, which hopefully way that it"s large enough come accommodate a lifetime of pluggage prior to reaching too high that a DP.boogyman (I agree v you, by the way), whether it"s a dumb idea relies on who you are... Dumb for consumers, great for the dealer"s service service when they need to replace your filter and also fuel pump as soon as the auto is the end of warranty. Call it "revenue engineering."
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