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Sorry if this has actually been asked however I couldn"t find anything if searching. Where are every one of the O2 sensors located? I can only uncover one upstream (aren"t there two?) in the company manual situated on the exhaust manifold. What is the finest procedure for experimentation them come be sure they are working correctly? I have seen part stuff about warming them up on the engine and checking the voltages however I"m tho a little lost on exactly how to carry out this. Thanks,Josh

There"s 4 sensors. 2 before and 2 after ~ the cats. Generally, you warmth up the truck, placed a meter on a sensor, at idle, and also take a reading. S/b something like .5vdc. Run the revs increase to around 2500rpm. You must see the voltage run up to 1vdc, or so. This is a great sensor. A negative sensor will review low or zero and also won"t reaction to the rpm change.

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