That’s just how much strength the median LED light, supplied for the check engine indicator on her instrument console, uses. Unfortunately, it has a lot an ext power than that – the power to totally rob friend of your peace-of-mind.

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It’s true, really nothing can destroy your day and immediately traction up anxiety prefer your check engine light. The reality that one light deserve to indicate a variety of problems, varying in severity native “No big deal, I’ll obtain it fixed prior to the next presidential election” to “Call a tow truck 10 minute ago!” is nerve-wracking.

Compounding this anxiety, the fact that many automotive repair to drive train or strength train room not well-known for your inexpensiveness makes seeing the check engine light feeling like discovering a feet in her wallet the is draining her money right into a dark dimension.

The great news? It’s often not the bad.

How negative is the examine Engine light on Kia Cars?

A solid check engine light is usually no reason for panic. The indicator is triggered as soon as your Kia’s on-board computer (ECU – Electronic control Unit) find something the end of the normal through its usual function. When it discovers a problem, it documents it utilizing a diagnostic code.

Although accessing and also diagnosing that code have to be excellent at your local Kia-certified business center, countless auto components stores, such together Auto-Zone or O’Reilly’s will review the password and help diagnose the problem at no cost.

Often, you’ll find that the source problem the a hard check engine irradiate indicator is actually fairly inexpensive to repair. The most typical problems room a loosened gas lid (didn’t tighten to the click when you refilled her KIA), or a spark plug that demands to be changed (again, a reasonably inexpensive repair).

It can indicate an ext expensive difficulties like a mass airflow sensor, however it will still be for sure to journey the auto to a organization center to have actually this diagnosed and estimated.

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Flashing check Engine irradiate on a Kia Car

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If you have actually questions about safety in your Kia, or room in require of a diagnostic check, call us today! We’d love to help.

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