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Hey guys,I bought a 2005 Mustang V6 coupe, and all the ebrake cables (front cable, and cables coming turn off the "y"), space seized. The rubber boots room destroyed and dirt and everything obtained in, and also rusted them. Indigenous the look at of the rotors, they have actually been seized for a while.Read up on this forum about the difficulty that nearly all 2005 owners have in regards to the cables seizing.What i haven"t been able to uncover however, is wherein to obtain replacement cables.I to be fine v buying the rear cables, ($92 for the left cable, $82 for the appropriate cable), however they want $243 because that the handle, and front cable together it is one piece. Over there is only ONE left in north America, and I may not have the ability to purchase it. Is there everywhere online I deserve to buy the front item (handle, and also cable)?Thanks in advance.

Oops. Thought I put that on here. No wreckers close to me have actually that gen the mustangSent from my Autoguide iphone app

i purchase my new rear cables native tousleyford online. Lock were approximately $50 ea. And also yes, the frt cable is the bar assembly. Girlfriend might check at tousley on the frt one too.looks like $116 because that the manage and around $100 for the 2 rears.2005 FORD MUSTANG components - Tousley Ford components Depothey if your bar is in yes sir shape various other than the cable, i would be ready to pay the postage for you to letter it come me so i can use it because that fitting animal leather covers on. Ive gained one a male sent me critical year yet the plastic is cracking up so i could really use another one. Pm me if you would certainly be willing to execute that, thanks, mikeedit: never mind, i didnt notice you were in canada. Thats too much hassle.
05 V6 auto,

mine were cracked and froze increase in the winter one year. A bandaid solve is spraying white grease into the crack in the boots genuine good. That got me through the winter v no an ext freeze ups.hey forgot to say the behind cables are genuine easy come change. Just remove the steel clip, pry the spring loaded lever and remove the cable indigenous the caliper. Ns think there was 1 bolt follow me the center of the cable, unhook in ~ the junction, then reverse the download order.not sure about the control/frt cable, however i think its genuine easy too as soon as you eliminate the consoleheres a pic of the clip and also prying the lever
05 V6 auto,
I have actually the cables detached indigenous the rear already as they were seized and f"ed up mine rotors. And also I"ll examine out that site. Thanks. Sent out from my Autoguide iphone phone app
rear brake cables
If Tousley doesn"t have actually them (out of stock once I went to order mine) try lock are about 10 bucks higher per side, however hey had actually them and shipping from California to Texas to be 2 days.

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2005: s & b CAI, accelerator Body Spacer, throttle Body Coolant Bypass, Strut Tower Brace, Drilled & Slotted Rotors, Gt 500 Struts, J&M Camber Plates, 18in. 2010 GT Wheels, Rear sway Bar, Sequential rotate Signals, Demon Coil & Live Wires, JBA Muffler, BBK Shorty Headers, GT former Bumper and Fog Lights. Lastly installed the 6 Gage instrument cluster.2018: AIRAID input tube, AFE dried Filter.:typo:
This forum rocks. I simply recently choose up a really nice 2005 V6 Mustang convertible that had a non work emergency brake, everything else to be great. I looked here before I to buy the car and saw the problem was common. The 2 back lines were frozen. I experienced that Tousley Ford had an excellent prices and also was may be to obtain both cables for around $100. Replaced them today and also all is good.PS. The 2005 V6 convertible is so lot fun to drive ns just added a 1995 GT come the garage, which is even an ext fun come drive.
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