While you’re running your usual errands with Orland Park, the last point you want to check out is your inspect engine light transforming on. Luckily, resetting the check engine light on a Dodge grand Caravan is simple! If friend have determined that naught is wrong with your engine, yet your engine light is still illuminated, the organization team at Bettenhausen CDJR can walk you v the process of transforming it off. Read on to learn exactly how to reset the examine engine light on a Dodge grand Caravan!

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Start by Disconnecting your Battery

If your vehicle is to run fine and also you’re certain there isn’t a larger concern that needs to be taken treatment of by our Mokena company experts, you have the right to perform a hands-on reset of the examine engine light on her Dodge grand Caravan. Not an extremely comfortable working v cars? Luckily, the process is nice simple! Follow these steps and you’ll be all set to take it on the Mokena streets when more:

Turn off your ignitionPut top top a pair of security gloves and also glassesFind her battery’s negative terminal. If friend aren’t certain what the looks like, that may have actually a black color cap and/or a an unfavorable symbol.Loosen the seed on the an unfavorable terminal through a wrench.Pull the negative connector indigenous the battery and set it aside for 30-60 seconds.Lastly, reconnect the negative cable and also tighten the up through the wrench.


If the above did no reset the engine light on your Dodge cool Caravan, friend can shot removing your gas cap and also screwing it earlier on. Loosened gas caps can occasionally release fumes the could create your engine light. If this step doesn’t work either, try repeating the over steps once more.

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If you still require some assistance, you have the right to feel complimentary to schedule organization with ours team of experts — we’d it is in happy to help you out!

Make note that disconnecting your battery could additionally be a result of a tough reset of your Uconnect® infotainment system. Be certain that you back up any important info prior to resetting the engine irradiate on her Dodge cool Caravan!

Trust Our brand-new Lenox-area company Experts

Still having actually trouble resetting the check engine irradiate on your Dodge grand Caravan after complying with our guide? There may be a larger problem with her vehicle, and also you deserve to trust the team at Bettenhausen CDJR to find out what the is and fix that in no time! If girlfriend have any questions prior to bringing your auto to our company department, or want to learn around oil change costs, please feel cost-free to call us at your convenience.