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I have actually 2004 Malibu Maxx , and also just started acquiring a inspect gas cap message . Any type of suggestions to make it go away ? It"s no big deal but figured over there is probably straightforward fix . Thnx for any suggestions
Check the gas cap.Your vehicle has a closed mechanism that requirements that cap on tight. You need to turn it till it clicks 3-4 time or the will show you the light. It need to go turn off after friend restart the car.

I got a letter from GM in Nov 06 in regards to mine gas cap may not be sealing correctly or won’t come off. They room going to warranty mine for 10 yrs or 120K, which ever comes first. 04 Malibu

If mine Mazda"s examine engine light comes on (which means loosened gas cap 99% the the time), i usually have to tighten the gas cap and unplug the battery to clear the light.Try unplugging the battery. The worst it does is resetting the clock and radio presets.

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I had actually a similar problem that declared out v the examine gas cap message.See:
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