There is no doubt that the Sportsman 500 collection only gets better and better. The evolutionary phase of the product line was highly apparent in the 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500. This mean device had a much better look and also fit, capable stock tires that can take on diverse terrain, a superb suspension system, and a robust engine terrific for seafaring off-pavement with ease. It ceded the sort of punch you would mean from a cross in between a sport motorcycle and an SUV – through a twist.

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The 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 to be the nine release of the Sportsman 500 lineup because its inception in 1996. This energy ATV retained its capable H.O. Base design and added something new – the Sportsman 500 ATP (All-Terrain Pickup), in turn awarded together the2004 ATV of the Year.

In terms of styling, lull design, and ingenuity, the 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 was one significant work-and-play-ready vehicle. Allow this guide lead the means as us look more closely into the monstrously powerful and versatile maker that make Polaris an off-road auto powerhouse.



Some 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO models mainly got it bad due come defective electronic manage modules or ECMs that tended to overheat, potentially bring about a fire and burn hazard. Sportsman 500 models A04CH50AO, A04CH50AR, and A04CH50AS were recalled to avoid any type of serious rider injury, along with other larger-displacement Scrambler and Sportsman vehicles.

Outside of this recall, some common causes of overheating include:

A poorly preserved or low-voltage battery, engine procedure without suitable jetting (especially applicable when riding in different altitudes)A endangered cooling system, a faulty fan switch, or hot light circuitDirty or plugged radiator screen and coreIgnoring the inspect Engine warning light

Doing proper maintenance of her quad usually prevents overheating from taking place. If not, friend will should reach out to a skilled for resolution.

Leaking Carburetor

In part cases, symptoms for this concern could be mistaken for leaking gas into the oil. A tad confusing as it would frequently present itself in other ways like running rich or a hydro-lock during start-up. In truth, the culprit is a leaking carburetor needle valve. As soon as the carbohydrate needle valve does not shut turn off the fuel flow into the bowl, the last fills up and also causes the overfill to go up with the key jet holder, right into the manifold, and then the motor. Despite the visibility of a fuel pump and also the motor turned off, fuel still flows. Likewise, a plugged fuel tank vent will reason pressure buildup in the tank, keeping the needle indigenous seating. Ultimately, it needs carb work after you have done every initial steps.

To resolve this problem:Completely drainpipe the float v the drainpipe screw, then revolve on the gas. This step opens up the needle all the way and enables the incoming fuel to flush out dirt (or any type of other type of obstruction) from the needle and also seat.For good measure, replace the to rise needle seat, O-ring, and also needle valve. Rise level tolerances space a bit critical, too. A combination of hard and cold needle surface, tension loss in the needle spring, and a slightly greater float level room all the you need to reason an overflow.That said, measure up the float elevation from the mating surface of the carb/bowl to the top of the float at the center, v the float bowl removed and also laid under on a flat surface.With both floats parallel to one another and without compressing the to rise spring, the measurement must be 13 mm (.51 inch) ± 1 mm.

Other Issues

The probable causes and also corresponding fixes because that backfiring/misfiring on an ’04 Sportsman 500 are equivalent to what any rider will certainly encounter on enlarge models. Her 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 service manual pdf is terrific reference in this situations, giving troubleshooting charts the are straightforward to understand and perform. Fouled or defective spark plugs, clogged air filters, and fuel vent present are among the an initial areas to inspect. Your owner’s manual also gives particular instructions to call your Polaris dealer if the problem source is:

Improper installation of plug wiresIncorrect ignition timingA reverse speed limiter/electronic regulate malfunctionOr any other kind of mechanically failure

2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 Pros and also Cons

If you room thinking around buying a Sportsman, it is best to recognize both the good and negative qualities the this top off-road vehicle. The 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 has actually undergone part evolutionary changes yet has however to with the suggest of perfection in as whole mechanism and also function.


Great attention to information in terms of aesthetics and build. The plastic fit much better against previous-year releases.A new, sleek pod v an industry-first tachometer is ~ above the 2004 model. It residences the instrumentation that the quad and also contains the throttle knob that exponentially helps as soon as cold-starting.The PVT’s ongoing use is welcome news for nouveau riders and also off-roaders who do not favor shifting.Features choose the throttle, high saddle height, and full floorboards make the quad suitable for long trail rides.The On-Demand AWD/2WD Drive device works an excellent and is certain to acquire you unstuck in any kind of situation.Stock Rawhide/Titan tires are an excellent overall performers either on a wooded trail or slick, muddy surfaces and also make handling predictable nevertheless of the kind of terrain.You can accessibility both the oil dipstick and also filter there is no removing extra panels first.The 4×4 likewise comes v a winch-mounting area native the factory.Nothing to win the Independent behind Suspension ~ above the trails.It has plenty of power for a 500-class, mid-sized ATV.For the ’04 ATP trim, some remarkable mentions incorporate the raised wheelbase, front racks with a storage box, rear cubbies constructed in the rear fenders, and a mini dump bed.“Turf” setting is exclusive to the ATP trim, do the 4×4 drive gentler on breakable surfaces.


IRS may not it is in the ideal for hauling as result of the squat you obtain in the rear.The tachometer has tendency to be slow-reacting, especially with declining RPMs.Single-lever brake operation for all four wheels deserve to be quite troublesome.You need to be at the very least at 2,800 RPM to get the wanted throttle responsiveness.The On-Demand All-Wheel Drive mechanism only functions in 4WD and reverse once you push the override button.EBS functionality can be detrimental once going under steep, rocky descents. That pipeline riders v no alternative to usage brakes in this type of situation.A rear swingarm replaces the Independent rear Suspension ~ above the ’04 ATP trim, as only a swingarm deserve to support this certain trim’s towing capabilities. The downside of this adjust is a much shorter rear-wheel travel.The “Turf” setting on the ATP trim renders the four-wheeler wander off on the trail.

About Polaris

Polaris Inc. Is one American firm recognized for spawning the snowmobile industry. Gained by Textron, Inc. In 1968, it began as a farm equipment manufacturer before it entered the civilization of snowmobiles in 1954. Through 1956, the company was currently recognized for its success through the Sno Traveler and amid enhancing its product line. Due to the fact that then, Polaris has become a key player in the ATV landscape, efficiently bringing the U.S. Its first-ever American-made ATV in 1985. The device of the 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 did not avoid there and also continued venturing right into other industries, bring about the development of automatically transmission, Independent rear Suspension (IRS), and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

Conclusion – 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 Review

The 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 model may well it is in the much-needed turning point of the Sportsman lineage. It is both a present of foresight and also strength of the brand. While it makes sense not to reinvent what currently works, it is a much more strategic course of activity (for any manufacturer) to take calculated risks. Through the All-Terrain Pickup trim, Polaris did simply that while keeping the High calculation base models easily accessible for much more traditional customers.

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Very couple of to no ATP models space up for sale or auction, which only proves that it is certainly a keeper. If friend come throughout one, grab the opportunity and do not think twice. But if you can not live there is no a much longer rear-wheel travel and also IRS, the H.O. Trim is the means to go. Both quads have actually motorcycle-like mannerisms, provides great traction on technological surfaces, and are good for major work and also fun. Either choice is a wonderful way to suffer what Polaris needs to offer.