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I\"m brand-new to this forum and spent a tiny while browsing. Through you the amount of knowledge here I to be hoping to uncover some suggestion. I have a 2001 Xterra the I recently pulled the oil pan out only to find my neighborhood dealer to have none in stock and also 7 human being in line as soon as it comes to ordering one. I\"ve do the efforts finding other online with no success. Any suggestions on wherein I can find a brand-new oil pan that ns wouldn\"t need to wait a month plus come receive? any type of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


There\"s just a select few members that don\"t have a problem cutting up their X... And I believe there every in Colorado.

-TJTJ\"s build Thread ---> DIYS Xterra SE, 2003 V6, 5 spd, Shrock Sliders, Bumpers and Skids, warning 9.5xp Winch w/125\" MasterPull II, OBA w/4Gal Tank & 4 CFM Compressor, Revolver Shackles, Deaver 3-Pack + Calmini 2-Pack + OEM Leaves, Bilstein 5150, SLR UCA, Diff Drop, 3\" SL, 2\" BL, 33x13.5/16 LTB\"s, Snorkel, electrical Fan Swap, etc...
There\"s just a select couple of members that don\"t have a difficulty cutting up your X... And I think there all in Colorado.
Thank you because that your rapid response. The links were really helpful and I now have one ordered. My just hope currently is that it\"s not on ago order and also if the is not for long. On the other hand onto my other projects. Time belt below I come. Many thanks again.
There\"s just a select couple of members the don\"t have actually a trouble cutting up their X... And also I believe there all in Colorado.
The pan in my 2000 6 cyl m/t is rusting out pretty bad and is going to require replacing soon. How complicated a job is it? Looks favor the front finish needs to it is in dropped to perform the swap. Anyone have any an excellent advice?
it could be less complicated to pull the engine 보다 mess with all the front end stuff . Much easier to obtain the new pan on readjust the rear main and add a brand-new clutch if that a stick.
just want to bump this thread- ive got a 2004 and also the oil pan is rusted out and also leaking tough a job is it come swap out the oil looks favor its an overwhelming to get access to through all the steering parts in the neighborhood shop is saying 3.5 hrs needed to do the job- i assume that is a trivial job to eliminate 1 part, made facility by having actually to remove fifty percent the front end to perform the job!!!!thanks, Bruce
it could be much easier to pull the engine than mess through all the front finish stuff . Less complicated to obtain the brand-new pan on change the rear main and add a brand-new clutch if its a stick.
2000 Xterra - SOLDStraight Pipes, eliminated Intake Resonators, fall In K&N, Lobo Rack, 33x12.50x15 Nokian Vatiiva MTs, black color Rock Lobo Rims, Herculined Panels and Trim, 4 Roof Lights, PML, 2\"\" BL, add A Leaf, 10,000LB Promark Off road Winch, black Widow Roof Rack Basket, BigDog Fab rear Tire Carrier, AC TRAs, HD TREs, AC IAB,2002 F250 7.3 Powerstroke - NO RUST
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it might be much easier to traction the engine 보다 mess v all the front finish stuff . Less complicated to gain the new pan on change the rear key and include a new clutch if its a stick.
since you have to drop the front diff to eliminate the engine I would certainly say, don\"t worry around removing the engine.

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I guess: v I\"ll add to this thread.I\"ve gained a pan top top it\"s way for my 03 4wd through 70K, and also am planning to do the swap this comes weekend. Room there any type of parts the I deserve to pretty much count top top destroying and also needing replacing? one-of-a-kind nuts/bolts, cotter pins, hoses/lines, seals/gaskets?It looks like it is encourage to skip the oil pan gasket and also just use RTV? Is CV grease ok to use for the hubs? Looks favor they should be disassembled, and some fresh grease won\"t ever before hurt.I\"m going through the OEM business manual analysis the procedure. Are there any type of special devices I have to need? i have affect sockets (to 24mm), influence gun, jacks and also stands, wrenches (up to 22mm), constant 1/2\" sockets up to 21, to add 1\", 1-1/4\" 30mm and 32mm. I also have snap ring pliers, and a decent torch. I\"m walking to choose up a have the right to of PB blaster, and also start soaking everything. I do not have actually an engine hoist.Once you have actually the front diff and also cross member out of the way, perform you need to lift the engine? does the transmission need to be dropped? The manual shows to eliminate the behind trans-to-engine mounting bolts. It additionally looks prefer I shouldn\"t actually need to remove the front diff, simply disconnect the prior axles and also lower it down?I know, a bunch the questions, but I haven\"t ever before had to job-related on this thing, it\"s to be nice and reliable as well as this leak, and just want to know what to expect. I start a brand-new job on Monday, pan should be below Friday/Saturday, therefore I\"d prefer to get whatever in order before hand so this will certainly go together smoothly as possible. Thanks!