The traction manage keeps your auto on the road. Here"s what the TCS warning light method and what causes it


The many common cause of a TSC irradiate is that the mechanism is turned off or a faulty wheel rate sensor. However while those room the most usual problems, they no the just things that can lead come a TSC light.

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Below we’ve emphasize the 4 most usual reasons your vehicle’s TSC light can be on.

1. TSC mechanism Turned Off

Did you understand that you can turn off your vehicle’s traction control? when the specific steps to carry out it because that each car are slightly different, virtually every vehicle allows you to carry out this. While it usually only helps you once you’re trying come drift, it’s among the most common reasons this light stays on.

Look up just how to rotate your vehicle’s traction manage on and off. Offer it a shot. If the light goes away, the was your problem, however if that doesn’t, store reading.

2. Faulty Wheel rate Sensors

By far the most common reason that a vehicle’s traction regulate system starts acting up is since of a faulty wheel rate sensor. Every of her vehicle’s wheels has actually a sensor that reports how rapid it’s spinning come the ECM.

When one or much more of those reading don’t enhance what the rest of the wheel speed sensors are reporting, then your traction kicks onto to remedy the situation. However if the wheel rate sensor is offline or reporting faulty readings, then your traction manage is walk to begin acting up.

3. Faulty Steering angle Sensor

Another an important component in her traction regulate system is the steering angle sensor. That’s due to the fact that as your automobile turns, the exterior wheels are going to turn much faster than the within wheels. This is completely normal, and also it’s your steering angle sensor that allows your ECM know what’s going on.

But if the steering edge sensor reports that you’re quiet going straight while you’re in reality turning, the traction control system will register a fault, and also it can kick on while you’re turning.

4. Faulty Wiring/Electrical Issues

While wiring and also electrical problems are much less likely than a faulty sensor, that is quiet a unique possibility. That’s since even if all the sensors space working correctly, it won’t matter if the wires that transmit the signal space corroded or broken.

The most common location because that faulty wiring is ideal by the wheel rate sensor because those wires are regularly exposed to the elements. Constantly rule out faulty wiring or deeper electrical issues prior to dropping a ton the money on new sensors.

Is It for sure To Drive through a TSC Light?

It is commonly safe come drive with a TSC irradiate – yet it is not advisable to do so. The reason for this is twofold. First, her traction manage system is over there to assist your car maintain traction top top slippery roadway conditions, for this reason you’re losing an essential safety feature when it’s not working correctly.

Second, relying on the fault in the system, her traction manage could absent on while driving. This would typical that her ABS would start using your brakes together you drive under the road. This is extremely rare, yet it can happen, i m sorry is why you need to fix the fault as quickly as possible.


While her traction regulate system deserve to seem favor a headache once it’s not working the method it should, they’ve impede thousands top top thousands of crashes throughout the years. So, while you could be cursing the system now, you will do it be thankful because that it when you need it most.

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So, take the time to deal with your traction control system if that starts acting up, opportunities are you will do it be thankful that you did.