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Two job ago, i was on the highway and also pulled up to 110, and also my CEL starts flashing. I immediately put the car in neutral and slowed down, searching for a place to traction off. As I"m about to stop, the irradiate stops flashing and goes far completely. I have actually tried to replicate the trouble by giving it full gas in lower gears, yet it hasn"t occurred again. My auto has about 130k mile on it, go anyone know what this could be?
Use an OBDII ~ above the car, you deserve to do it for totally free at auto zone. You could still have actually the code on the ECU also though the inspect engine irradiate isn"t on
flashing CEL is usually a result of energetic misfires. Probably due to detonation from heat from continual high load

flashing CEL is usually a an outcome of active misfires. Probably because of detonation from warm from continual high load
Exactly this. Blinking/Flashing is usually as result of a misfire. Sometimes it have the right to be negative fuel but other times it deserve to be bad spark plugs or miscellaneous else.Most automotive parts stores (Autozone, development Auto) will review codes because that free. As declared above, you may have some password stored.
Definitely check for save codes. Even if the irradiate isn"t on, that still should"ve save on computer one. Could have to be a coil pack, yet you probably would"ve feel that.

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