Replacing the dashboard cover in her Dodge Ram may take a while, yet the time that takes to perform so doesn"t median it"s a an overwhelming DIY job. Proceed reading as this post will have actually the steps to acquire it done.

This article uses to the Dodge ram 1500 third Generation (2002-2008).

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The dashboard cover is a typical problem in virtually all cars and also trucks. Why? Mainly since of its consistent and straight exposure to the sun, bring about wear and tear as soon as you don"t even realize it. Uneven you continuously keep the dash top using cleaners, waxes, polishes, and also sunshades, the will eventually erode, crack, or also melt. Also, depending upon where friend park and also the much longer the sunlight is beating down on her Ram"s dashboard cover, the much more it will take the heat and also break down. In this post are the actions to instead of the dashboard covering in your Dodge Ram.


Materials NeededPhillips screwdriverSilicone adhesiveTrim removal toolShop ragsDashboard and trim cleaner

Step 1 – remove the dashboard cover

Before you space able come pull out the dashboard cover, a few components latching the down have to be removed.

First, usage a trim removal tool to pry off the next dashboard covering panels ~ above the driver"s and passenger"s side.After those have been removed, use the device to very closely pop the end the A/C vents on the driver"s side.Then use a Phillips driver to remove the 2 screws located directly above the instrument cluster.Lastly, lift up on the sheet of the cover and pull it totally free from the dash.Figure 1. Remove the side dashboard panels.
Figure 2. Remove the A/C vents.
Figure 3. Remove the upper dashboard screws.

Step 2 – prepare the brand-new dashboard cover

Once the old dashboard cover has been removed, girlfriend will must prep the brand-new cover before installing it.

First, make certain that you"ve overlaid the covering on height of the dashboard come make sure it fits appropriately in her Dodge lamb model.Set the covering on a flat surface with the bottom side encountering up.Apply a dashboard and trim cleaner solution to a shop rag come wipe the bottom next of the cover till it is totally free of every dirt as well as grime.Then, apply a silicone adhesive along the edge of the dashboard cover. Make certain not to gain the adhesive almost everywhere on the center of the cover. Number 4. Clean the new dashboard cover.
Figure 5. Use the silicone adhesive.

Step 3 – download the new dashboard cover

Once the silicone adhesive has actually been applied, make sure to easily install it onto the dashboard.

Line increase the dashboard sheathe properly since you don"t want to smear the adhesive on any type of surface wherein it doesn"t belong.Set the cover into place, making sure the edge is tucked under the dash cap and overlaid securely over the instrument cluster.Once the covering is collection in place, let it sit because that at the very least an hour to enable the adhesive to totally cure. Figure 6. Lay the cover into place.

Step 4 – wrap up

Install the removed dashboard contents after the cover has actually been fully secured.

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Tighten the screws above the gauge cluster.Pop in the A/C vents.Finally, snap in the dashboard side panels.

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