In a way, it"s not really fair to contact the later-model Pacifica a "minivan." The minivan as a principle was an development of the terminal wagon -- a taller evolution, however still a sedan underneath. But the Pacifica"s CS communication is a totally bespoke unit, used only by the Pacifica and also designed especially for it. So, the just thing the this whatever-it-is shares in common with that lesser minivan cousins is its straightforward shape, engine, transmission, windows wheels, headlights, seats, dashboard, bumpers, 2 lower and also one upper motor mount and also -- oh, nevermind. It"s a minivan.

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Lit the front of the van enough so that you deserve to crawl underneath, and also support it with jackstands. Disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable, and also remove the bolts securing the engine cover to the engine. If remove the left-hand mount, you might need come unplug and unbolt the cooling pan assembly from the radiator.

Install the engine assistance fixture. The engine support bar mentioned by Chrysler because that this task is a three-bar unit. It"s shaped choose a capitol "T." top top the tips of the horizontal "T" bar are "feet" the sit on the fenders ~ above either next of then engine bay; the bottom guideline of the bar has actually a foot the sits ~ above the radiator support. Hooks hanging under from the bar communicate the factory lift hooks top top the motor. Once you download the bar, you"ll revolve the jack-screws top top the chain to lift the engine and also support the weight through the bar rather of the mounts.

Remove both the the engine mount-to-chassis nut, then reduced the auto to gain better access to the mountain bolts. Eliminate them, and also turn the jack-screws come lift the engine slightly to relieve stress on the mount; pull the mountain out. Install the brand-new mount as you took the old one out, and also lift the valve again. Tighten mount-to-bracket nut to 75 foot-pounds, tighten the engine block bolts to 40 foot-pounds. Eliminate the engine assistance bar, reinstall the staying fasteners and also tighten them come 75 foot-pounds. Reinstall the fan and also tighten the screws, if you traction it off.

Support the bottom the the engine v a floor jack and also block of timber so it won"t tilt, and also remove the waiting cleaner filter housing. You don"t should use the engine fixture because that this one, due to the fact that the top mount"s task is just to keep the engine from rotating. Through the engine no running, it doesn"t bear much actual load.

Remove every one of the bolts from the upper mount. You"ll discover three bolts securing the mount to the input manifold, and also two securing it to the frame.

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Drop the brand-new mount in place of the old. Tighten the entry manifold bolts to 40 foot-pounds, and the structure bolts come 50 foot-pounds.

AllData: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica V6-3.5L VIN 4, Service and also Repair, Procedures: Upper, Left and also Right Mounts
there are methods to change the lower mounts there is no an engine support bar, mainly by sustaining the engine through a floor jack and also block of hardwood from the bottom. But, act so, you operation the hazard of damaging the engine oilpan, and also lots of various other things if friend accidentally fall the motor. And you may find getting the new mount in and also aligning the bolts daunting without the engine assistance bar -- but, it deserve to be excellent if you"re ready to danger the damage and also hassle, and also really want to save the minimum $150 on a three-point support fixture.
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