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Gents, I"ve read numerous threads on RAV4 wait fuel sensors, but the one inquiry I still have is where is that located?I/we replaced an O2 sensor near the bottom ~ above the engine top top the driver side, yet we still obtain an wait fuel sensor error article (P1135) but the hand-operated doesn"t call you wherein it is. Is it one of the upper sensors? If so, which side, driver? passenger?I"ve also seen drawings that show it in former of the catalytic converter, however there isn"t one there, they"re all up front.So, of the four sensors up front, and also with the bottom 2 being O2 sensors, i m sorry of the 2 upper room the wait fuel sensor?Thanks. Any assist you can provide would be significantly appreciated.Thanks.Chuck

P1135 = A/F Sensor Heater Circuit break down (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
.Thats walk to be the optimal sensor ~ above the appropriate SIDE, dealing with THE ENGINE from the front.
P1135 = A/F Sensor Heater Circuit breakdown (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
.Thats walking to be the optimal sensor ~ above the right SIDE, dealing with THE ENGINE indigenous the front.

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thank girlfriend so much. I even bought a Haynes Book and also they show inconsistent information regarding the O2 sensor and also the air fuel sensor within a few pages of each being discussed.One more question: deserve to I use a universal sensor or go it need to be indigenous Toyota?Thank you give thanks to you. You don"t know how challenging this has actually been to number out.Chuck

Well you can use an aftermarket sensor, but being a toyota tech, i cant just say go best ahead :lol:
Well you can use an aftermarket sensor, but being a toyota tech, ns cant simply say go ideal ahead :lol:
Drifter, thanks. I referred to as around and did much more web research and it has sounded come me choose the wait fuel sensor is various than the O2 sensor? I uncovered Bosch and Densor sensors and I assumed O2 was different from the waiting fuel sensor? Or room they all truly the same? I dubbed a Toyota Dealership and the man said "I"ve seen world put in the various other (universal) sensors and they"ve come earlier with problems. I believe you, however I"m still not certain what come order? HEre"s what I find on the web.Bosch air Fuel ratio Sensor - 2001-2003 Toyota RAV4 4WD/4-Door 1AZFEOther assets by BoschNo customer reviews yet. Be the first.List Price: $279.97Price: $187.90You Save: $92.07 (33%)In Stock.Ships from and sold by AutoPartsWAY.Product Features* RIGHT/UPPER next OF CAT* 1 YEAR WARRANTYIF it"s no this, climate what is it? Is the just one more O2 sensor prefer the one we changed on the reduced right hand next of the engine together you confront it? We changed that one to get rid of the O2 sensor error.Thanks...I won"t ask any more questions.
)) I appreciate your help.