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What go the OD light flashing mean and does anyone understand where a an extensive code list have the right to be located?

My grandkids contact me Poppy!Caveat Emptor, I"m no a mechanic, I just play make believe, here. Consider any and every one of my suggestions with that in mind.

That is the PCM informing you there is a trouble with the trans or the system managing it. Have the PCM scanned because that codes and get earlier with the results.What were the symptoms leading as much as the light flashing and what problem is the fluid.You might want come look at this.
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Remember many cheap scanners will certainly not check out transmission codes, friend will need a higher end password reader that have the right to read transmission codes.
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Tranny fluid looks and also smells fine. I had the transaxle changed in the fall of 2009 and it"s still under warranty. They space going come look in ~ it ~ above Monday. Ns am acquiring the complying with codes.p1747 a/t EPC solenoid circuit malfunctionp0750 TCC solenoid circuit malfunctionp0743 A/T transition solenoid 1/A circuit malfuntionThank girlfriend for her help.Cody
Took the van in and also they changed a fuse in the engine compartment, #19. Didn"t make it earlier to the house and same simptoms and #19 fried again. When the fuse fries the infectious diseases world fashion feels choose it is stuck in second gear. The shop go a ground check and also a continuity check and also they looked good. I am likewise getting a battery light and one time the will show low charge and also sometimes it shows too lot charge, ns think the my voltage reg. Is walking out. Could this it is in related?Cody

Has a quick inside the transmission. They room going to need to do more than clear codes and replace a fuse. Fuses don"t simply blow for the funny of it.
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If this to be true you would be blowing every sorts of fuses.This is an additional problem that demands to it is in fixed and is not concerned your transmission issues.

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I am also getting a battery light and one time that will show low charge and sometimes it shows too much charge, i think that my voltage reg. Is walk out. Could this be related?Cody
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You proclaimed that fuse 19 is continually blowing.If friend look at the circuit because that the 2002 windstar ns provided,it shows fuse 19 feeds the Digital Transmission variety Sensor (or the neutral safety switch).You may well have other problems yet I would certainly look in ~ the exploit to the DTRS to watch if it"s pinched between the engine and also trans,or something else particularly if the tranny was replaced.
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The quick is in the trans. Good thing it is tho under warranty. Should gain it back in a day or two.Thanks for the responses.Cody
My o/d off light is blinking and i had the codes read and also they came up v torque converter i didn"t ask for the codes however they every pulled up with this message could it be something else bring about it to blink prefer a fuse?
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