When you’re in search of a seriously rough and rugged pickup truck v plenty of room to boot, a supplied Dodge lamb 1500 deserve to be a good choice. This large pickup truck have the right to be had in countless cab configurations, bed lengths and engine sizes to fit your precise needs.

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Have over there been any type of problems reported v the Dodge ram 1500’s O2 sensors?

While no officially recalls have actually been approve on recent model years, there have actually been some documented complaints the you must know around if you’re thinking about buying a provided RAM 1500.


Read on come learn more about the most common Dodge lamb 1500 O2 sensor problems, how to diagnose a poor O2 sensor, and what to expect from the fix process.

About the Dodge lamb 1500’s O2 Sensors

Like any vehicle v a combustion engine, the O2 sensors in a Dodge lamb 1500 pickup truck occupational by tracking the proportions that oxygen within the engine and using that details to regulate the vehicle’s fuel injection system. One O2 sensor have the right to also help cut under on car emissions.

You can uncover out more about just how a vehicle’s oxygen sensor works in this YouTube video.

Common Dodge lamb 1500 O2 Sensor Problems

2003 Dodge lamb 1500: Defective O2 Sensors

NHTSA complain ID: 10860482

There have been reports of defective O2 sensors on the 2003 Dodge lamb 1500 pickup truck. In one NHTSA report filed in April that 2016, the owner of a 2003 lamb 1500 asserted that the truck’s “check engine” irradiate illuminated ~ the truck’s gears started shifting abnormally.

Upon having the vehicle inspected in ~ a dealer, it was uncovered that the O2 sensor had malfunctioned and also needed to be replaced. The owner reported, however, the a replacement sensor was no available, and thus the repair was unable to be completed.

2004 Dodge ram 1500: O2 Sensor Failure

Source: barisalcity.org Reviews

Although the 2004 Dodge lamb 1500 has typically positive evaluate on barisalcity.org, there are a couple of reports the defective O2 sensors needing to be replaced. One reviewer called Dave posted in October that 2019 that although he was happy with the van overall, he had to replace the O2 sensors.

Another barisalcity.org reviewer, Jennifer P., reported the she had to replace the sensors as well.

However, the repairs were fairly inexpensive. According to a RepairPal.com estimate, the average expense to replace an O2 sensor top top a Dodge ram 1500 is in between $227 and also $313 with labor included.

2005 Dodge lamb 1500: Faulty O2 Sensors

Source: CarComplaints.com

In a CarComplaints.com an overview of the 2005 Dodge lamb 1500, over there are numerous reports the this model having defective oxygen sensors as well.

Most owners report that the sensors required to be replaced after the truck’s “check engine” light came on. One owner declared that he had actually to change the sensor three times over a expectations of 35,000 miles.

What come Do around a bad O2 Sensor

Typically, the first sign the a negative O2 sensor is that your truck’s “check engine” light will certainly illuminate ~ above the dashboard. In some cases, friend may also begin to notice that the truck has trouble moving or suffers from stormy acceleration.

Regardless, a bad O2 sensor need to not it is in ignored. This is particularly true if the “check engine” light is flashing on her dashboard, together this indicates that the car needs instant service. A mechanic have the right to quickly check your truck’s diagnostic code to confirm if the concern is, in fact, a bad O2 sensor.

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Fortunately, O2 sensors can be replaced relatively quickly and inexpensively by an skilled mechanic. Native there, you must be earlier on the roadway in no time, and your new O2 sensor should conveniently last one more 50,000 come 60,000 miles or more.