exactly how is the best means to change the water pump ~ above this car and can you recommend a website with video of the process?

Hello, Here is a overview that will certainly walk you v the procedures with indict on just how to carry out the project on your automobile in the diagrams below. Your will certainly be an ext involved due to the fact that you will must replace the timing belt together well.https://www.barisalcity.org/articles/water-pump-replacementCheck the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything else to gain the problem fixed.




mine anti-frezze keeps disappearing every 2 weeks its not leaking under the car. Whereby is it going? human being say I might be headed towards blowing a head gasket. I have already replaced the water pump and thermostat previously prior to this had happened
hello there, You may a minor leak that is tough to see, so ns would an initial get the cooling system pressure tested hot and also don"t forget the press cap, begin with the simple things first.Mark (mhpautos)
I've replaced radiator, water pump, thermostat, reservoir bottle, relays, fan relays, but the vehicle still gets warm when idling. Walk freeway fine runs below halfway in the thermostat reading. I'm lost.
Hello, The many likely reason is an wait pocket within the engine somewhere. Below is what I execute in this situation.Jack the auto up for this reason the the prior of the engine is increase (will aid in gaining air bag out) with engine cold ease radiator lid so pressure doesn't build, run automobile till beginning to warm up then (if has rpm gauge) rev engine to about 2k till around 3/4 or therefore of gauge. Turn car off permit sit for around 10 - 15 minutes refill radiator. Start automobile let run to check out if quiet overheats, if walk repeat till it doesn't. Had one that took me 3 hours to clear numerous year ago.Good LuckMark
hi - i did what you claimed I jack the car up take it the radiator cap off filled v water overwhelming the bleeder on front of the motor duration started the auto ran it in ~ 2000 RPMs everything came boiling the end of the reservoir. Perform I just proceed there's no or what should I do?
ns spoke come the phone therefore it come out wrong. Ns jacked the car up. Took cap off, bleeder opened up bleed the system. Began the car, as soon as temp got half way every the water come out of reservoir. So what must I do?
The engine keeps jumpping the timing. Ns have had actually the Tensioner replaced twice. The Oil pump has been replaced. The water pump has been replaced and I just put a brand brand-new timing chain on. Simply wondering if friend may have actually a direction to lead me in reason it cranks but will not start.
Is the belt actually breaking in fifty percent or is it acquiring damaged such together a tooth, cracked...? As far as timing, go to this site:https://www.barisalcity.org/diagrams/dodge/intrepid/2004Let me know.joe
did you placed cap ago on to the first notch or left it off? If left off, refill and also put cap ago on just to an initial notch don't tighten completely.Also go it do it automatically or once heated up?
OK, once it starts to over warmth or the water starts boiling out turn car off. Let cool climate refill and close whatever up tight and also run typically to view if over heats, if does repeat a pair more times. And also check again to view if over heats.
I had the water pump replaced on a 2002 evade Intrepid 2.7; 98,000 miles. The mechanic said the tensioner and timing chain were OK; engine clean no sludge.After the fix with new pump, thermostat, plugs and oil change. Ns am obtaining a tapping/clicking sound from the engine; that was no there before.I referred to as the mechanic ago and he stated it to be nothing to problem about. The chain just may should seat with the water pump. The is supposed to be really knowledgeable with this engine; yet dosen"t sound appropriate to me.It just seem to start tapping/clicking; ~ the auto has been driven and also warms up. I don"t desire to salary the dodge dealer $1600 come go earlier in; if it;s not necessary. Any kind of suggestions? thanks
asking if the reset tenisioner view diagram This will certainly be a belt pushed engine according to Mitchel 1 there will certainly be no bed in because that a belt drive and also the water pump, the click might be lifter noise, ns would simply want to know the hot engine oil pressure, back a faulty timing belt tensioner can make the belt to flap and also this may be a comparable noise, the mechanic have to re check his job-related to make sure.
Never acquired past 1/2 ~ above the temp gauge. But today ns drive the car 40 mile on the freeway. Went ago home and my mam took the car. She went much less than a mile from house at a avoid light and also it checked out 3/4 ~ above the temp gauge while in ~ the stop light. She traction over and also it started to cool off to the 1/2 point.
thanks for the quick reply. Once I ask ns ask about; replacing the chain, guides, cams and also tensioner; he stated the old ones to be fine and also the tensioner to be strong.
I put a water pump in this point yesterday and now that wont begin I think I could have gotten the timming chain on wrong right here is the difficulty their is only timming point out on the appropriate sprocket and head and also nothing ~ above the left if ns were to take the engine ago apart exactly how do i realine the timming
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