In this guide, friend learn exactly how to troubleshoot BMW parking brake failure on BMW fitted with digital parking brakes such together 745, 750, 760, X5, X6 series. 

This problem likewise affects the 2002-2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

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Are you acquiring the yellow \" Parking Brake fail \" warning ~ above the dashboard? If your BMW digital parking brakes are not working, in most cases, the problem lies in the BMW parking brake actuator (also referred to as the EMF module).

The module is mounted by the trunk when it falls short the yellow PARK irradiate to continue to be on.


BMW parking brake malfunctionYellow PARK light continues to be on all the time.Fault password 600D or 600E in ECU EEPROM DATAThe Park brake light will not walk off, also when the vehicle is moving.Can\"t rotate off the automatic brakeOrange Brake irradiate ON when beginning the car.Manual relax of parking brake not working.

These symptoms can influence many BMW models fitted with electronic parking brakes. Consisting of 5-series, 7-series, Z4, X5, i3; chassis such as E70, E65, F10, E66.

How come Reset BMW Parking Brake


First, try a soft reset the the BMW Parking Brake. 

Press and also hold the parking pedal.Turn ~ above ignition. Press and hold the Parting Brake (P) switch for 5 seconds.

If this doesn\"t work, reset the parking brake module using among these methods. 

Remove Parking Brake Fuse 


Remove the Parking brake fuse for at least 5 minutes. The parking brake fuse is located in the fuse box in the trunk.

In your fuse chart, it will certainly be marked as P. In most cases, that is fuse number 10, 94, 129, yet it can be any fuse. Check the fuse chart. 

Disconnect Battery


Alternatively, you deserve to disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal for at least 15 minutes.

If friend disconnect the battery, you do not should register the battery. Still, your comfort memory settings, such together radio preset, seat memory positions, etc., might need to be reset. 

If none of the above solutions worked, the next step is to read the electronic Parking module\"s fault codes. A generic OBD2 scanner will not permit you to read fault codes regarded the parking brake.

You will require a BMW scanner that have the right to read the Parking Brake / Electromechanical module. Check out the codes from the ABS, DSC module, or perform a full system scan.

Common Problems


The most usual problem that reasons the yellow BMW PARK light is the parking brake actuator.

Software issue - BMW parking brake problem in some instances can be solved by performing a software application update in ~ the dealer.Loose connector - research the connector come the parking brake module actuator. A corroded wire can create intermittent parking brake errors.Weak battery - A weak battery have the right to prevent the parking brake native releasing. Friend most likely experience other electrical problems as well if your BMW is no holding a charge. Follow this guide to learn just how to change a BMW battery.Parking Brake Actuator - The equipment inside the parking brake actuator deserve to break. A typical problem ~ above BMW with digital brakes the triggers the yellow PARK light to remain on.

The parking brake actuator can fail and is one of the most typical failures. The gear inside the parking brake actuator the engages and also disengages the parking brakes have the right to break. 


It is feasible to settle the BMW parking brake trouble yourself. You can open your old parking brake actuator and download an upgraded BMW Parking Brake gear Actuator in about two hours.

You can have the dealer or one auto mechanic resolve the BMW parking brake problem. At the dealer, BMW electronic parking brake actuator repair costs over $700. 

BMW iDrive Parking Brake malfunction messages

The parking brake failed. Come park, communicate transmission position P. If necessary, carry out emergency release of the parking brake.Parking Brake break down Service currently Visit a BMW Dealer because that inspection.PARKING fault ERRORParking Brake fail Please call your BMW center.Parking brake malfunction. Interact pos. P for the park. If req. Use emerg. Relax of the parking brake. Emerg. Braking function, ok.Only transmission variety D is available. P engages immediately when the engine is switched off.

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Frequently request Questions

I checked the equipment inside the parking brake module, and also it is no damaged; what can be wrong?

If the gear is not the problem, check the strength going come the parking module motor. The problem could be the ABS module as well located in the engine bay, passenger side. To more troubleshoot this problem, us recommend check out fault password from the DSC module. 

Why does my OBD2 scanner present no fault code for the parking brake?

Many BMW owners try to review parking brake faults making use of generic OBD2 scanners. These straightforward scanners can only review Engine control Unit codes. Parking brake error codes space not save on computer in the ECU. They space stored in the EMF module. To review BMW parking brake codes, friend will require a BMW-specific scanner.

Where is the BMW parking brake unit located?

In the trunk. Lift the carpet in the trunk. The parking module is in the direction of the front, behind the behind seat. On some models, it is located under the trunk, next to the behind differential. 

Does the BMW parking module need to be programmed?

No. But fault password will have to be cleared through a BMW scanner come reset the yellow brake irradiate on the BMW dashboard. 

Why am I getting a BMW parking brake breakdown after changing the brake pads?

If you replaced the rear brake pads, you can get a parking irradiate warning top top the dashboard. Begin the car and pump the brake pedal a couple of times. Next, inspect the brake fluid level. As soon as you have actually completed these 2 tasks, run the parking brakes a couple of times. The would typically rest her BMW parking brakes. If not, check the sensor at the rear wheels and the cable because that the parking brakes.