Engine Performance difficulty 6 cyl four Wheel drive Automatic 75000 milesI have actually to change my EGR valve on mine S10 4x4 4.3L Vortec FI and also I cannot find the EGR Valve for the life the me. I uncovered it on my various other S10 that is 2 years younger yet I can't uncover it top top the 2002. Have the right to you assist at all?

HelloSome of this engines go not have actually an EGR in 2002 however if it did it would be in the chart below.The 4.3L engine's EGR valve is situated on the top, former of the engine. EGR valve is pictured below.. If you require replacement procedures just let me know..

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friend can offer me her engine's ID password if you would certainly like and I have the right to look it up to see if it matches the 2002 S-10 4.3L engines. The 4.3L engine to know number is located on the left side rear of the engine block or on the ideal side rear and typically is a 9 number number stamped or laser etched top top the engine. If that isn't there, that is probably not the original engine to start with, yet you deserve to search because that the ID code in another area so ns can twin check through the list of codes for the 4.3L engine. Many thanks for making use of barisalcity.org. Com!

i will do my best to uncover the Number but If ns can"t because of parts being in mine way, can you use my VIN num. To inspect the codes you should check?Its stock and hasn"t been functioned on by anyone due to the fact that I bought it brand-new from the dealer.

Oh, fine if you room the only owner then the engine is exactly engine. You need to be overlooking EGR valve? probably there is another tiny component hiding the valve? Is the engine code on showing that EGR is faulty?

mine EGR valve that ns bought looks like the one below.My codes have not come up for it yet however after replacing the plugs, wires, cap, and also coil i did research and found that the EGR can gain stuck open and make the van run prefer it has an oversized cam (which it does and also gets about 10 MPG) so ns just acquired the Valve and also Gasket.


Sorry about that, the one i posted was simply a basic egr valve shown. Your picture is the exactly one for your vehicle. Without gift able to see your engine ns really can"t assist you find it if that isn"t wherein it have to be. Perhaps a call to your local Chevrolet dealer might be may be to assist as to where it will be if that isn"t on the top front that the engine as it need to be. Or if you have a digital camera you deserve to take a pic of wherein valve must be contrasted to the diagram and also post the or email it to me? many thanks for using barisalcity.org. Com!
I have a pic the the 2000 compared to the 2002:2000 (missing EGR)


2002 (With EGR)


- an alert the EGR turn off the the right of the alternator (its kind of glowing in the 2002 pic but its no in the same spot on the 2000.
Yes, however I intended a pic of your actual engine for this reason I deserve to see what the area looks favor where the EGR need to be.
So your asking because that a photo of the totality engine only to shot to see if girlfriend would recognize where the EGR valve is? (Correct?) due to the fact that the valve have to be in the blank spot in the 2000 pic.
Okay, i am confused now.Your vehicle you have listed is a 2002 model. You have the 2002 pictured through the EGR valve. You are saying that the 2000 model is the one without the valve now? clean me increase a tiny please? ns will map the vacuum hose from intake come the valve in vacuum diagrams as soon as I know which design it is.Thanks for using barisalcity.org. Com!
I"m sorry the was mine fault. The peak pic is mine truck that I need to fix the EGR and its the 2002. The bottom one is the van that has the exact same engine however has the EGR is level site ideal where the diagram and sent had actually it located. So the height one is the one that has actually the problem. Sorry i get perplexed too.Good luck i traced hoses and wiring every night haha.
Isn"t the a bolt feet behind the water tap in the pic same ar as 2000 model? Looks like it is simply gone?
there is one top top the mount below the optimal pully but nothing in the shape on the valve. Wouldn"t over there be two hole to mount the valve and two for the valve to execute its thing.
oh okay, sorry difficult to tell indigenous the pic. You may need to call the dealer and give them her VIN to see if they can tell you where it is in ~ because all of my sources list it in the exact same spot, sorry. Ns do recognize that no all vehicles room equipped with the EGR valve but I would think the the S-10 would have actually one. Thanks for using barisalcity.org. Com!
"bluelightnin6 Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:52 am short article subject: oh okay, sorry tough to tell native the pic. You may need to contact the dealer and also give them her VIN to watch if they can tell you where it is at because all of my resources list the in the very same spot, sorry. I do recognize that not all vehicles room equipped with the EGR valve yet I would think that the S-10 would have one. "I am having actually the exact same problem, and also my engine watch the exact same as the picture you posted. I additionally called my dealer and gave them mine VIN number however they couldn"t call me where the EGR valve is located, so i was wonder if you can tell me wherein you found it?
check the 8th digit of your car vinif it is one X you have no egr valve, anything ~ 1998may or might not have actually egr.Even few of the W engines 1999 and newer alsohad no egr, mine guess is you have actually no egr.I job-related for a GM dealerhope this helpsJosh
Some perform not have actually one. Beginning in 02, emissions to be clean enough to not require EGR. I recognize I have actually one 02 Blazer S 10, 4.3L that has no EGR valve. I had a trouble code and also someone said me it to be for egr, purchase one, and also after 4 shops couldn"t find it, another told me about this (no wonder us couldn"t uncover it, not THERE)
carry out you know what the trouble password turned the end to be? I have an 02 Chevy s10 4.3L that has actually no EGR. Inspect engine light has actually been on because that months and cannot figure out what the trouble is. The code claims too lean bank 1, bank 2. Have readjusted 02 sensors, MAF sensor, every 6 injectors, fuel pressure regulator, upper and also lower intake gaskets, new fuel pump, complete tune up. Chevy, mine mechanic and other reliable shops can"t figure out what the problem is.
space you certain it is EGR? best thing top top misfires is allow a pro carry out it because of how countless things deserve to be poor computer way they deserve to freeze framework it and check that from there. Also a vacuum leak and low fuel press will reason a misfire together well. Auto components rent gauge and also it have to be 60-66psi crucial on no reduced or no run.https://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulator
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