Many Camry owners dread the 60,000 mile marker because of the i have lot of money timing belt and water pump recommended maintain interval. The last point you desire to carry out is to strand yourself due to the fact that of a damaged timing belt or busted water pump. Gift stranded is the the very least of your problems at this point. Control in either one of these conditions can result in serious engine damage and also a major repair expense. While this task is no for the squeamish, friend can finish this task on your own with a standard set of tools, time and patience. The usage of unique tools provides this task doable, yet still not the most basic DIY in the world. You will be overjoyed through the money you maintained in her wallet and a real sense of success when this DIY task is finished.

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Materials Needed3/8 or 1/2 inch ratchet and metric socket setMetric open and also boxed wrenchesHydraulic floor jackJack standsCatch pan because that fluidsTorque wrenchShop ragsSpecial tools such as wheel kit, stud removal tool and also cam shaft adjuster tool

Step 1 – Jack up front end

Use her hydraulic floor jack come raise up the former end and also place ~ above jack stands. Be certain to use the correct areas for lifting and also placement the the jack stands. Never work under your automobile using just a floor jack for support; always use the jack stands and chock the rear wheels, both in front and behind them, unless you are lifting the whole vehicle and also using all uncovered jack stands.

Figure 1. Background the vehicle and always use jack stands as soon as working under her car.

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Step 2 – Disconnect the battery

Lift the hood and disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal. At any time you space working in the engine compartment, and especially around the fan, always disconnect the battery first.

Figure 2. Constantly disconnect the negative battery terminal before beginning work in the engine compartment.
Pro Tip

Now is a an excellent time come clean her battery terminal connections if they have some corrosion present.

Step 3 – remove passenger tire

Create part extra room to work by removing the passenger tire. The is much easier if you rest the lugs prior to lifting the car and then remove them ~ the auto is in the air.

Figure 3. Remove the five lugs and pull the tire.

Step 4 – drain engine coolant

Remove the drainpipe plug native the bottom the the radiator on the passenger side. Replace the plug when finished. You will additionally want to drain it from the engine block also by removed the two drainpipe plugs top top the bottom front and rear that the engine. The rear is a tiny more daunting to get to. Change the plugs and be cautious not to over-tighten once you screw them back into place. Any type of oil readjust shop will certainly take your used liquid to dispose of that properly.

An optional step here is to eliminate the coolant reservoir tank. Remove the clip that holds the water tap in place, and then there"s a single bolt the attaches it come the fender. Removing this tank offers you more room come work and also it is a an excellent time to wash the end the inside of this tank.

Figure 4. Drainpipe the antifreeze indigenous the radiator and then engine block.
Pro Tip

Radiator fluid is slippery and toxic come animals. Clean up any kind of spills immediately.

Step 5 – remove torque strut

Remove the speak strut, also known as the dog bone (nicknamed due to the shape and size).

Figure 5. Remove the (Dogbone) speak strut.

Step 6 – eliminate A/C and also P/S belts

Behind the passenger wheel is an access panel that is organized in location by 2 10 mm bolts. Remove the bolts come get access to the wait conditioning and also power steering belts. Use a wrench to placed onto the tensioner sheave (12 mm bolt) to develop slack in the belts and also remove each belt. Inspect them for cracking or wear and replace with new ones when you have them off.

Figure 6. Eliminate the strength steering and also air air conditioning belts.

Step 7 – remove alternator belt

Removing the alternator belt is a little bit involved. Girlfriend will have to move the bracket that holds the alternator in position out of the means first, but you will certainly not have actually to totally remove the bracket which will assist in keeping all this bolts organized.

On the best side the the clip is a bolt the is provided to pivot the bracket because that positioning. Simply loosen this bolt, but do not eliminate it completely.Remove the seed positioned come the left and also down a small from the pivot bolt. Once the nut is removed, the mounting bracket deserve to be swung up and out that the way.Two bolts are provided to change the anxiety on the belt. They room at 90 levels in relation to one another. Castle both have to be loosened, but do not must be removed.The tensioner bolt on the left hand next is difficult to get to. An optional action is to remove the fuse crate assembly. This is hosted in location by 2 10 mm bolts in the bracket. These can be removed; traction the bracket and also the fuse box can be pulled up and out that the way.Loosen the adjustment bolts just sufficient to relocate the tensioner and also create slack to eliminate the alternator belt.
Figure 7. Loosen the tensioner bolts to create enough slack in the alternator belt to remove it. Examine the belt and replace if worn.

Step 8 – eliminate crank pillar bolt

The bolt ~ above the crank shaft pulley is as tight together anything you"ll come throughout on this vehicle. It is a genuine bear come remove. If you have actually an influence wrench, it is reasonably simple. If you perform not, it is exceptionally difficult. Over there is a technique to doing this that makes it a small easier, but you have to be really careful.

Put a long-handled wrench or breaker earlier onto the bolt and also secure it come something heavy that will certainly not move such as the garage floor or component of the framework of the vehicle and also make certain it is wedged securely.Reconnect the negative battery terminal.Get in the car, placed on the emergency brake.Step on the break pedal as far as it will certainly go.Turn the ignition to the on position without transforming the engine over. You just want to interact the starter without actually beginning the car. As soon as you hear the starter click, turn it back off and also remove the key.Check the crank obelisk bolt; it have to be loosened now, but if not, repeat the procedure until it is.
Figure 8. In the lack of an influence wrench, wedge a breaker bar to the crank shaft bolt and also engage the starter to break the bolt loose.

Step 9 – remove crank pillar pulley

If you are exceptionally lucky, the pulley-block will come turn off by hand when you eliminate the two smaller sized bolts that host it in place. This is likely not going to be that easy. Friend will want to usage a pulley removal kit that have the right to be had pretty cheaply. Make sure you use one like in the number below. Other species of pulleys use steel grippers the can damages the this of the pulley. A new pulley will cost you $200-300, for this reason be really careful once removing it.

Figure 9. A crank pillar pulley kit such together this will certainly only set you back about $20.

Step 10 – remove timing belt covers

Remove the 4 10 mm bolts stop the lower timing sheathe in place. Collection this aside. Remove the time belt guide. Make certain to mark its orientation to the engine block to put it earlier in location the exactly way.Loosen the 10 mm timing belt bowl bolt, yet don"t remove it. Revolve the plate around 90 degrees and re-tighten the bolt so you won"t misplace it.Remove the five 10 mm bolts hold the upper timing belt covering in place and set this aside.
Figure 10. Remove the four 10 mm bolts top top the time cover.
Figure 11. Eliminate the time belt guide, yet mark the orientation prior to removing to do reassembly much easier.
Pro Tip

The rear many bolt top top the upper timing belt cover close to the firewall is clogged by a strength steering fluid hose. The easiest way around this is come lift up the whole power steering reservoir indigenous the fender to make room to get to the bolt.

This action is conveniently the many painful and difficult to work, unless you acquisition a one-of-a-kind stud pulling kit, about $40. It is a good investment even if you only use them for this process. Lock look choose spark plug sockets and make this job lot easier. There are alternative methods; however, one of which will damage the present studs and also you will certainly have had to pre-purchase new ones indigenous a dealership before starting the project and also the other method has some solid implications of ruining your oil pan. The steps outlined listed below will usage the purchased kit.

Remove the 2 bolts and also nuts that host the parentheses in place.Place the correct stud puller socket onto the stud and remove it.
Figure 12. Use a stud puller kit to remove the engine studs.
Figure 13. Usage a puller to remove the engine studs.

Step 12 – eliminate the timing belt

Before you remove the time belt, friend will have to line increase the crank and also camshaft location to TDC or the 12:00 position. Change the crankshaft bolt there is no the pulley and crank it until the marks like up come the TDC position. Lock are complicated to view at first, however they room marked. You may want to use something to do the marks an ext noticeable and mark their position on them. You will line the brand-new belt up with both of this marks. If girlfriend don"t obtain this right, you won"t be able to start the car.

Once the marks room lined up, remove the 2 timing belt tensioner bolts; eliminate the tensioner and also the belt.

Figure 14. Be certain to line up the time marks before you pull the timing belt.

Step 13 – Remove video camer shaft sprockets and inner time belt cover

The usage of an additional special tool renders this job lot easier. Various other methods deserve to be used, but again, you risk damages to the teeth of the sprockets if you try to execute it the way. This step supplies the special tool which is relatively cheap and an excellent insurance.

Put the camer adjuster tool onto the sprocket bolts and remove.Remove the wiring harness quick affix clips indigenous the time cover. There are 4 places where it attaches together such. A small flat head screwdriver functions well come disconnect these clips. Collection the wiring harness up and also out that the way.Remove the upper idler bolt.Remove the lower idler bolt which is a 10mm Allen bolt.Remove the six 10mm inner timing cover bolts and remove the inner timing belt cover.
Figure 15. Usage a video camer adjuster device to eliminate the cam sprockets.
Figure 16. Eliminate the inner timing cover.

Step 14 – eliminate water pump

There are 4 bolts and two nuts stop the water pump in place. Remove these and also make certain to store the ar of every nut and also bolt in correct orientation when you include the brand-new water pump.

Figure 17. Remove the nuts and also bolts stop the water pump in place and pull the pump.

Step 15 – change water pump, timing belt and button her back up

Before you replace the water pump, be certain to clean the surface ar where the new gasket will certainly go. The aluminum deserve to scratch and also gouge easily, so use a plastic putty knife come scrape away any of the old gasket residue. Slip the brand-new gasket in place and then change the water pump. Follow this directions in reverse order to replace the sprockets, belts and pulleys. Be sure to monitor the exactly torque specifications, specifically for the crank tower pulley i m sorry is seriously tight. Replace your engine coolant v manufacturer"s specifications. If you space not utilizing a pre-mixed solution, make certain that girlfriend dilute the coolant 50:50 using just distilled water.

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Figure 18. Make sure to effectively torque every applicable bolts.

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