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How to change the Oxygen Sensor on a 2001 Saturn SL


There are two oxygen sensors integrated into the exhaust device of the 2001 Saturn SL. The sensors aid the 1.9-liter four-cylinder engine generate perfect fuel-to-air proportion for optimum emissions. One sensor is situated near the manifold and also monitors this mixture. If the mixture becomes endangered (too lot air makes the mix as well lean; too lot fuel renders the mix too rich), the sensor transmits a trouble code to the computer in the car. The rear sensor monitors the effectiveness of the catalytic converter, which filters the harmful exhaust gases and also converts them into less-harmful emissions.


Upstream Sensor


Start the engine the the Saturn on a level ground because that at least 5 minutes to heat the engine. This will assist expand the steel of the manifold and also sensor junction. Be caul and also dont let that run also long, due to the fact that it wont take lengthy for the manifold and sensor to acquire hot sufficient to burn you.

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Open the hood and also locate the upstream sensor in ~ the bottom of the manifold in the former of the engine. Disconnect the cable harness plug connection.


Spray penetrating lubricant follow me the threads of the sensor wherein it screws right into the manifold and permit it come soak in because that a couple of minutes.


Place the socket ~ above the ratchet and place the sensor wire right into the slot of the socket (or feed the wire v the box finish of a 22mm wrench) and turn the sensor counterclockwise to remove it from the manifold.


Inspect the brand-new sensor before inserting it right into the port hole in the manifold. Many quality aftermarket sensors have actually a irradiate coat of high-temperature anti-seize link on the threads of the sensor. If over there is no one on the threads, apply a very light coat to the object only. Prevent getting any kind of on the sensor itself.


Thread the sensor into the manifold porthole by hand, then tighten snugly. Execute not over-tighten the sensor or youll piece the few threads it has and will destroy it. Plug the cable from the brand-new sensor ago into the wire-harness connector.

Downstream Sensor


Park the Saturn top top a hard, level surface and then apply the parking brake (after warming the engine for five minutes; again, this will broaden the steel of the exhaust pipe and also sensor junction). Use the automobile jack to lift the front of the Saturn, one front quarter panel in ~ a time, high sufficient to location a jack stand under every front frame rail.


Put on safety and security glasses and also crawl under the Saturn v the continuing to be items.


Locate the downstream sensor close to the catalytic converter (in the center of the undercarriage under the front seat of the passenger cab).


Disconnect the wire-harness connection, climate spray the threads with penetrating lubricant. Enable a couple of minutes to let the spray soak in. Usage the ratchet and also socket or 22mm wrench as described in action 4 of section 1 to eliminate the sensor native the exhaust piping.

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Insert the new sensor (again making certain it has actually a irradiate coat that high-temperature anti-seize compound on the thread ar only) into the porthole the the exhaust pipe, and also tighten snugly. Reconnect the cable of the sensor come the exploit plug connection.