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Yeah ns can\"t it seems to be ~ to discover the damn thing. That is so much smaller 보다 on my other car. I did a search and also there were alot of write-ups saying to readjust it however nothing saying where it is. Autozone\"s computer system says \"in the intake manifold\" yet mine is a 98 and also there space a million hoses. Can somebody please assist me out?

It\"s not favor what you\"d discover on an Amercian car, those plastic format PCV that just push right into a rubber grommet. ~ above the 1.6 (well on my \"93 1.6...) that is screwed right into the earlier of the valve cover, passenger side. I have actually No pic, yet I\"ve checked out a million pics that others have posted.
I just ran out and also looked in ~ the engine. It appears to be just where girlfriend stated. I will change it and verify tonight. When the computer system said \"on the entry manifold\" I thought them but it is in reality on the other end of the hose to run to the manifold. Castle were best the critical time ns asked for a location, assumption: v I recognize not to take them also literally next time.
Just to verify for any kind of one searching for this details in the future: the pcv valve remained in the earlier of the Valve cover on the passenger side. I understand it was most likely easy enough for anyone else come find but if you are told the wrong ar to look......Now its ~ above the forum to be discovered in a find later.
Just to verify for any one looking for this information in the future: the pcv valve remained in the ago of the Valve covering on the passenger side. I recognize it was most likely easy sufficient for everyone else to find yet if you are told the wrong place to look......Now its top top the forum to be uncovered in a search later.

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and i discovered it thanks, i was looking for this
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