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Replacing head gasket on my 06 2.5. Ns ordering a composite head gasket set and brand-new felpro bolts. Room mls or composite head gasket better?Also whats the reduced thermostat mod?Well still i require the proper tty specs and sequence because that the head bolts.

I have the right to chime in on what i do know. If friend can, get another OEM MLS head gasket. Cylinder head bolt torque procedure has a full of 5 steps.1. Tighten bolts come 72 ft/lbs2. Loosen all bolts.3. Tighten every bolts come 29 ft/lbs.4. Revolve bolts 90 Degrees.5. Rotate bolts secondary 90 levels (This where it it s okay scary. Lol)Which pattern to follow? full of ten bolts, see pattern below.9 3 1 6 87 5 2 4 10
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