timing BeltRemoval drainpipe the engine cooling system. Remove the crankshaft pulley. Eliminate the water pump pulley.1 eliminate the bolts.2 eliminate the water pump pulley.Remove the six reduced timing belt covering bolts. Reduced the vehicle. Eliminate the upper radiator hose.1 eliminate the bolt.2 release the clamps.3 eliminate the upper radiator hose. Remove the coolant bypass hose.1 relax the clamps.2 eliminate the coolant bypass hose. Remove the A/C compressor idler pulley and bracket.1 remove the bolts.2 eliminate the A/C compressor idler pulley and bracket. Place the wire harness aside.1 Unclip the wire harness.2 position the cable harness aside.Disconnect the vacuum reservoir vacuum hose.Unclip and also reposition the main wire harness.Unclip the cable harness and position aside. Position the wire harness clip aside.1 Unclip the spark plug cable from the bracket.2 remove the bolt.3 position the wire harness clip aside. Eliminate the positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) breather hoses and also tube.1 relax the clamps.2 remove the bolt.3 remove the PCV breather hoses and also tube. Remove the upper and also lower timing belt covers.1 remove the 7 upper time belt cover bolts.2 eliminate the upper and lower time belt covers. Bring number 1 piston to peak Dead facility (TDC) of its compression stroke.Remove the external timing belt guide. Remove the time belt.1 loosen the nut and the time belt tension.2 remove the timing belt.Installation CAUTION: Make sure the arrowhead on the timing belt is pointing far from the engine when installed.CAUTION: A new timing belt has actually three white time marks that show the correct timing positions that the camshafts and the crankshaft. These marks will assist make sure that the engine is time correctly. As soon as the engine is effectively timed every white timing note on the time belt will be aligned through the equivalent camshaft and also crankshaft timing note on the crankshaft sprocket and also the camshaft sprockets. There need to be 40 time belt teeth in between the timing marks on the LO and also RH camshaft sprockets and also 43 teeth between the timing note on the LH camshaft sprocket and the timing note on the crankshaft sprocket.CAUTION: it is crucial to verify the the camshaft timing marks are aligned with the timing marks ~ above the seal plate, and that the crankshaft sprocket timing note is aligned with the timing mark on the oil pump. Once installing the time belt, start at the crankshaft sprocket moving about to the camshaft sprockets in a counterclockwise direction. Do not permit any slack in the time belt between the crankshaft sprocket and also camshaft sprockets. After every one of the timing marks are matched up through the time belt installed, on slide the time belt onto the time belt tensioner.Align the time marks and install the time belt raise the vehicle. Download the crankshaft pulley-block bolt.Rotate the tensioner clockwise and counterclockwise a minimum of two times.Tighten the tensioner lock nut.Turn the crankshaft clockwise a minimum of two times and also slowly set piston number one at TDC. CAUTION: timing belt deflection specification is for a cold engine.Measure the time belt deflection between the camshaft sprockets1 use pressure midway between the camshaft sprockets.2 measure up the timing belt deflection.Remove the crankshaft wheel bolt. Reduced the vehicle.Install the external timing belt guide.Install the top timing belt cover.1 place the upper and lower timing belt covers.2 download the 7 upper timing belt sheathe bolts. Install the PCV breather hoses and also tube.1 connect the PCV breather hoses and position the clamps.2 download the bolt. Download the cable harness bracket.1 place the wire harness bracket.2 install the bolt.3 Clip the spark plug wire to the bracket.Attach the wire harness come the bracket.Attach the key wire exploit to the bracket.Connect the vacuum reservoir vacuum hose. Position the cable harness back.1 position the wire harness back.2 connect the cable harness to the bracket. Install the A/C compressor idler pulley and also bracket.1 place the A/C compressor idler pulley and also bracket.2 install the bolts. Download the coolant bypass hose.1 connect the coolant bypass hose.2 place the clamps. Download the top hose.1 connect the upper radiator hose.2 place the clamps.3 install the bolt. Advanced the vehicle.Install the six reduced timing belt cover bolts. Download the water pump pulley.1 position the water pump pulley.2 install the bolts. Install the crankshaft pulley.

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To fill the engine cooling system.