I have a engine shimmy/bump/shake in ~ idle. I acquired a number 5 misfire and replaced the plugs, wires and ignition coil yet the still have the problem. I've looked to replace to EGR valve but cannot find it. Checked various other forums and some have actually said there isn't one and some stated there is. If others claimed to replace the DFPE. Need some accuse on this.

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Hey RBOLISH, The EGR valve is located bolted come the entry manifold through a vacuum line going come it. Here is what that looks like, you re welcome let me know if you require anything else to get the trouble fixed. There room two styles. (Below). Please let us understand what happens.


2001 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 2 Wheel Drive manual 180000 milesWhere is the EGR valve situated on a 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3L?

i don"t recognize what the password was. Auto Zone did the free computer check to see why the inspect engine light was on and the results were to need to EGR Valve replaced. The is all ns know.
view what the most usual is the DPFE sensor on the EGR system and also replacing the valve will not help if girlfriend can shot and get the password again I can send friend the test action to that
us don"t have actually a great picture of that at all just the valves there space a couple of different types. With something the old you"ll have actually ot find one more vehicle with exact same engine unless I can discover something on the ford site. View pic and it gives a couple of ideas wherein it may be located. Or at base of carb which if it to be there would have aplate to it.
I need to inspect the timing, ns can't uncover the marks on the crankshaft, and also their is some sensor come disable where is this located at?Also where is the egr valve situated on mine trunkcan friend reset the examine engine light? I deal with the problem with the maps sensor and also clean the accelerator body out codes 159, 158, 157 to be coming increase on scanner say thanks to you
correctly you deserve to clear the codes on the computer system you can go to autozone and also theyll examine it for complimentary and clean the codes.
i don"t have the repair book for your vehicle but i did some checking online and I don"t think her timing is adjustable. Inspect the VECI sticker under her hood. It should tell friend the degrees of timing, if it"s adjustable. If that doesn"t have it, it"s not adjustable.The EGR valve is top top the drivers side the the engine, with the pipe going right into the entry manifold.Your computer system is an OBDI. Come reset it, disconnect the an adverse battery cable because that a half-hour.
Engine mechanical problem1994 Ford Ranger 6 cyl 2 Wheel drive Automatic 13000 milesjust want to whereby the egr valve is located on 4.0 v-6 ohv. The ven no. Is x it has actually no cmp sensor. Thanks for your reply top top my last post. That was very helpful
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