where is the fuel pressure regulator located and also how to replace it? This is the password being thrown up because that us. Say thanks to you.

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Hello, The fuel pressure regulator is located in the tank ~ above the fuel pump. Here is a diagram (below) that what that looks like and also a overview to assist you check it.https://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything else to get the difficulty fixed.


The diagnostic computer system reads fuel as well lean. The fuel press is 70. The should in between 28 and also 40. Where have the right to I find a chart that reflects me whereby the fuel press regulator is, or can you tell me?

The fuel pressure should be between 60 and 65 so you are okay. The regulator is will the pump together one unit they do not have separated pressure regulators anymore. That is calling a skinny codes and low power due to the fact that you need a new MAF sensor which is a consistent maintenance item. Here is a guide to aid you obtain the difficulty fixed.https://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-replace-a-mass-air-flow-sensor-mafPlease permit us recognize what happens.Cheers
2004 traveler XLT 4.0L 6-cyl gasoline; gas mileage way down to around 12-13 mpg, running an extremely rich, had actually diagnosis performed, was told the "fuel pressure regulator" located at the former of the fuel rail is stuck open up or no functioning. Told about $350 because that part, but cannot locate equivalent component on any auto components sites. Is the name correct, or is the machine known together something else?
just how long due to the fact that a tune-up? any applicable problem codes? usage a gage and check fuel pressure. My information says fuel pump regulator is in gas tank, component of the fuel pump assembly.

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problem code check out "high fuel pressure", "running rich bank 1 and 2", don"t psychic the code. Take it the vehicle to mechanic who diagnosed fuel mechanism condition, checked fuel pump press (5 psi also low), confirm rail push (10 psi too high), take it vacuum line turn off the "fuel push regulator" in ~ front the rail, press is meant to drop by about 10 psi, did not adjust without vacuum, which cause diagnosis the faulty fuel press regulator. He additionally recommended replacing fuel pump and also fuel filter. Full cost that $900 with labor. No tune-up ever, all initial engine tools including fuel and also ignition equipment components. Ns did change the MAF sensor newly when car began rough-idling and stalling.My question is what is the component referred to as that bolts ~ above (two torx bolts) come front of the fuel rail, and has a small-diameter vacuum line coming of the height of it? ns can"t discover it in any kind of of the online parts stores, but do mental the mechanic informing me the it is a motorcraft part only. Thanks for her help.