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My daughter has actually an "02 escape XLT and also we space unable to get the hatch/tailgate come open. Additionally the glass will not open independently either. This simply happened recently. As soon as using the remote to unlock doors i cannot hear a "click" native the rear. Any aid or suggestions will be considerably appreciated. Many thanks in development for your support.

Did you shot the key? If the vital won"t unlock the hatch climate the motor and/or system is rusted. My Durango has a similar problem together I douse it with artificial oil spray every 4 months so that doesn"t seize up. Worst case would it is in crawling back there, taking off the inner panel come the hatch and open the lock manually.
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Yes, the only way to gain the door open up is the take off the panel and unlock it. I simply paid $400 to obtain the lock unit changed in mine 2001 Escape. Sure renders it nice to reopen the door when you require it.

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The at an early stage models (1st generation?) perform not have actually a keyed lock for opened the rear hatch... Stupid stupid stupid.If girlfriend search below or at other Ford escape forums, you might come throughout one or 2 topics w a fix. Native memory.... There"s a plastic item that breaks. Ford doesn"t market the item separately, so you"d have to buy the mechanism or every little thing it is that the plastic item is fastened to. To gain at it, you need to remove or pull turn off the internal plastic. OR... Rather of the high-quality Ford part, there might be a brand-new plastic doohickey easily accessible at the auto parts store - part other modification might be crucial to install it. Again, this is all from memory.Or... It might be a defective lock actuator. I think these are easily accessible aftermarket... Not certain if that"s true any more. I checked into an Omega DS2.1SQ actuator & it"s no longer available (NLA).Edit:
if the hatch is close up door & you can"t obtain it open, friend can shot pushing in on the hatch while pulling the hatch relax handle. If friend still can"t gain it open, girlfriend kinda need to peel off the internal plastic panel at the top, then closely lift the facility over the home window latch. The plastic dashboard is enclosed w screws at the bottom, therefore don"t shot to pry that there. Alternatively, the dealer probably drills a hole right into the plastic dashboard in-line w the stick so the the rod can be lifted to unlock the hatch; then they download a decorative plastic button to cover the hole.
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