Electrical problem V8 four Wheel journey Automatic 62000 milesLooking because that the fuel pump relay ~ above 2001 F250 5.4L engine transforms over good but don't below fuel pump develop up suspect fuel pump relay.

Hello,This relay is in the power circulation center and also there might be two relays if you have actually bi-fuel. Here is a overview to aid you test the relayhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitIt disconnects easily and also it is the pink and black wire the goes to the pump you should have 12 volts if cranking or for 3 seconds after the crucial is turned on. Also check the inertia move on the passenger side trim panel.Here is the full fuse panel and relay location for your 2001 ford pickup conserve it in her favorites for future reference. Examine out the diagrams (Below)Please let us recognize if you require anything else to gain the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken




electrical problem2002 Ford F250 V8 four Wheel drive Automatic 450000 miles7.3 DieselI to be not getting the fuel pump to come on. Wired straight to it and it come on. Rotate the an essential and no fuel in the bowl. Can not find anyone that can come up with the Fuel Pump relay and also its location. The is not in the fuse panel, not behind the radio does not show up any type of where.
Hello and thanks for the donation!Your vehicle"s fuel pump relay is integral to the main junction box (CJB) one is not serviceable. If wiring, fuse and also fuel pump have actually been tested OK then replacement that the CJB is suggested. A really poor architecture by Ford ~ above this one if I carry out say so myself.
I would say so, the CJB is not the PCM ns take it. The looks to me the that is the total fuse/relay box under the dash.
That"s correct. The CJB is no the powertrain regulate module (PCM). The CJB is the main junction box that is situated behind the reduced left next of the dash. So instead of jerking the end one small relay and replacing it. You need to replace the whole box.
Engine mechanically problem2000 Ford F-250 two Wheel drive Automatic 300000 milesI"d prefer to situate fuel pump relay on auto
If you take the cover off the fuse box and look in ~ the relays there are 9 spots for them it is the one fartest top top the left in the middle
electric problem2002 Ford F250 V8 four Wheel journey Automatic 70000 milesI need to recognize the ar of the fuel pump relay. My truck wont begin in the cold months, I need to turn the key on and off listening for the fuel pump to rotate on. An initial when the wouldnt start I had actually to turn the key on/off untill the pump started. Now the pump start yet truck wont. Many thanks for the help.
Engine mechanical problem2001 Ford F250 V12 4 Wheel drive Automatic 38000. Mileswhere is the fuel relay unit situated in this truck. Not the swith, the really relay. No one can uncover it consisting of the mechanic ns am paying alot that money to! eye storm coming and this is our plow truck. Please aid
your vehicle"s fuel pump cut-off relay is in the bi-fuel strength relay module ( in left rear of engine compartment ). The fuel pump relay itself is situated in the center of the dash. The fuel pump rate relay is in the battery junction box.
can anyone please tell me exactly where the R303 is ~ above 1990 F250? Fuse crate is under dash, driver"s side and also only fuses show up to it is in there. No obvious looking black color box under hood, together I have actually seen on part vehicles. You re welcome help, facing possibility of tow fees if i can"t fix the issue! Thanks!
ns take it your fuel pump is no coming on?Read the guide listed below on testing relays, it will certainly helphttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitAttached below you will discover the relay places (You require C133) and wiring diagrams for both single and dual tank
many thanks for the reply, fixitmr. Yes, the fuel pump is not working. It had actually been recently replaced, follow me with brand-new tank, and was working. Yet now does no "hum" ~ above the turn of the key. So, hope the relay couldn"t manage the new pump, rather than the pump gift defective, despite of course these days that deserve to not be ruled out, unfortunately. However figured the 12 disagreement relay have to be a very first step, rather than dropping the darn tank again.
electrical problem1986 Ford F250 Automatic can you please tell me wherein the fuel pump relay is located?
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