Just like you perform with the engine oil, you require to change the transmission fluid in your Dodge Neon at regular intervals. Chrysler recommends instead of the liquid every 24,000 miles or two years to assist flush the end particles, such together metal and also friction product that accumulate in the oil end time and accelerate parts wear. Changing the oil at continual intervals will not only help you save repair prices down but also increase the service life of her Neon transmission.

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Draining the infection Fluid

Drive her Dodge Neon for 20 minutes at highway rate then park the auto on a firm, level surface.

Shift the transmission right into neutral, use the parking brake and also block the behind tires with two wheel chocks. Raise the prior of the Neon with a floor jack and support the on 2 jack stands.

Put on a pair the goggles, rise under your car and position a big drain pan under the infection pan.

Remove the mounting bolts indigenous the sides and also front that the transmission pan with a ratchet, lengthy ratchet extension and also socket. Be careful not to burn her hands as hot transmission fluid will begin to drain from the pan. Ease the pan behind bolts about four turns, hold the bottom the the pan v a shop rag v one hand and finish removed the rear pan bolts.

Lower the transmission pan over the drain pan. Tilt the infection pan to drain the remaining oil into the drainpipe pan then eliminate it from the vehicle. Carefully pull off the transmission filter native the bottom through hand and also the O-ring seal indigenous the filter mounting fitting.

Refilling the transmission Fluid

Scrape off any sealant product from the drain pan and the mating surface ar at the bottom of the transmission with a gasket scraper. When finished, thoroughly clean the adjustment surfaces and mounting bolts through solvent and let the components air-dry.

Install a new O-ring seal in ~ the filter mounting fitting and a new transmission filter.

Apply a continuous, 1/8-inch large bead the silicone adhesive sealant approximately the transmission pan mating surface, circling approximately the exterior of the mounting holes.

Position the infection pan in ar with one hand and also install the mounting bolts finger-tight v your various other hand. Gradually start to tighten the mounting bolts through the ratchet, long ratchet extension and socket, beginning at the center of every side and also working your means towards the front and also rear of the pan. Speak the mounting bolts to 165 inch-pounds through a talk wrench, lengthy ratchet extension and also socket.

Lower your Neon off the safety stands v the jack.

Open the hood, pull out the transmission dipstick indigenous its tube and also fill the transmission v 4 quarts of ATF+4 type 9602 with the dipstick through a funnel.

Start the engine. V the parking brake applied, push the brake pedal to the floor and also hold the there. Transition the transmission gradually through every gear then ago to park. Let the engine idle.

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Reinsert the transmission dipstick climate pull it the end again. The fluid level top top the dipstick should be around 1/8-inch below the reduced mark close to the tip of the dipstick. Include very tiny amounts of fluid to carry the fluid to the correct level, if necessary, then turn off the engine.