had a weak battery and when do the efforts to start engine, speedometer went practically all the method around the gauge. Currently speedometer go not work-related at all and trans go not transition correctly. Ns had difficulty with trans as soon as before and also had to readjust transmission brain. Ns don't think that is the trouble now and I am leaning toward a faulty speed sensor however I am not certain if ns should adjust input or output side

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If castle both room not working properly, I would say the rate sensor. Right here is the location so you can change it out. Exact same as a Neon. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what happens.


many thanks for this short article I had this problem and also had to gain a new sensor price me $56.00 all fixed I love this site!

A work after I changed the starter, the speedometer has stopped registering the vehicles speed. The odometer is tho working. There was not any kind of clicking noise native the speedometer to to imply the cable was sticking or about to break.Is it feasible to dislodge the speedometer cable while replacing the stater?Could you administer a diagram reflecting where the speedometer connects come the transmission?Thanks in adcance.
Actually, the speedo doesn"t have actually a cable on your vehicle. The speedo functions from a sensor called the vehicle speed sensor (VSS). Have actually that checked.

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This speedometer is no the simple, reputable spring-loaded mechanically pointer provided in enlarge cars. The is a computer-controlled stepper motor the is put in the wanted position through pulsing four coils with voltage. Two points that could reason this condition are transforming the ignition switch off while in ~ highway speed, and spinning ~ above ice, then unexpectedly hitting the brakes. As soon as the guideline goes an ext than fifty percent way, the computer tries come pulse it back to zero, and also the fastest means there is to go higher and all the method around. It"s at zero now, but on the wrong next of the stop.First, shot driving in ~ a speed more than fifty percent the maximum displayed on the speedometer face. The computer should eventually try to position the tip in the exactly position, then it will follow the commands earlier down to zero generally as you slow down. The pointer constantly looks for the shortest street to the desired point. As lengthy as it"s trying come go higher than zero, that will stay stuck. You must make it want to go reduced than maximum, and the shortest method is if you"re going much more than fifty percent the preferably speedometer value.If that fails, the technicians at the dealership have the right to use your hand-held computer to access the tool cluster and run the gauges up and also down. Ultimately the guideline will capture up to the pulsing coils and follow the commands earlier down to zero.In the rare event that doesn"t work, the covering of the swarm will should be removed and also the reminder physically repositioned. It"s possible it is stuck on something.Caradiodoc