ns have identified that the radiator fans room inoperative as result of failure the the radiator pan relay. I cannot locate the radiator pan relay under the hood. The radiator fans 40A fuse is located in the fuse/relay box over and come the best of the battery. Whereby is the radiator pan relay located?

over there is not a relay this mechanism uses a controller i m sorry is increase by the pan on the motorists side. Right here is the location in the diagrams below. Examine out the diagrams (below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.

six cylinder two wheel drive automatic. Cannot find relay. I have actually a 1999 and a 2000 Caravan. Cooling fans on 1999 perform not turn on. Ns think the is the relay. Pan work.(Bench test) Looked ~ above left next of structure in the front. Eliminated air filter housing, no relay. Know it need to be a two inch square. Complied with wire, goes into huge wire exploit under the fuse and relay distribution box. Have the right to you help? make the efforts a many people and got many answers, no one good.
After never having any type of cooling difficulties with this valve for almost ten years, I had to replace the radiator fan relay last week since the fans were only working intermittently, and were remaining on after ns turned the engine off. After installing the new relay, ns am now having the same problems with the fans. Is it possible that I gained a bad relay? Or is there another component that i should check that deserve to be bring about this? I have actually tried to retrieve a trouble code, and get two, pause, 55. I cannot find that password anywhere.
This would be because of a faulty fan motor. Change the fan motor and also clear any type of trouble password stored. Making use of a diagnostic scanner is much less complicated in retrieving codes and most auto component stores will carry out this for you free of charge.
They room right. The codes indicate that your engine is to run lean. The k&n air filter system might be contributing come that. That form of system tends to flow much more volume 보다 the stock system, and also if the manufacturing facility MAF sensor metering orifice is changed with simply a right pipe climate it will check out lean.
six cylinder 2 wheel drive automatic. I have the part. The person I need to work ~ above my car could not discover it anywhere. AutoZone to be no assist either. They said they had actually no clue. Anywhere I have actually looked says different places. Every I want to know is wherein is the radiator pan relay?
On mine 1997 the relay is near the strut mount on the driver side. Eliminate the wait filter boxes and it is under them to the side. Ns hope this helps. It took me little bit to discover it as soon as mine failed.
four cylinder two wheel drive automatic. Cooling pan keeps running after vehicle turned off. Needs brand-new relay plug yet unable to uncover location on frame for ground for this reason it deserve to be replaced. Whereby is it? many thanks for the help.
over there is a crate of relays in the engine compartment through a sheathe on it, it should be ideal inside there and also on the earlier side that the covering is a chart which describes which relay belongs come which component.
walk this design Dodge grand Caravan have actually radiator fan relay(s) or simply a radiator fan fuse? and also if so, whereby is that located? The Haynes hand-operated doesn"t it seems ~ to offer me a clue.
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