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My 2002 cherolet malibu has poor air after ns starts it. Ns guess I require to adjust cabin waiting filter. Yet when I checked out auto parts store, they told me this vehicle does not have actually a cabin waiting filter. What deserve to I perform for fixing the poor air problem? Thanks!

"11 LTZ
, born Aug 2010, Fairfax, KSV6/A6, Red Jewel Tintcoat / Cocoa-Cashmere, Sunroof
Mods: WeatherTech mats, CHMSL PulserHow-to: LEDs in mirrors :: How-to: 1-Wipe WashHow-to: remote express home windows up/downTraded: "09 2LT black color Granite Metallic V6 / A6 in ~ 20,058 milesLost: "11 LTZ RJT V6 / A6 in overwhelming at 44K milesMuffler mod on "09​
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