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Ok, here is the issue. Mine wife has an 03 bug Diesil. She AC stopped working. So we took it come the neighborhood shop. They charged me $114 to tell me that the Cooling Fan control Module has actually gone bad and that is the factor for the AC not working. Has everyone ever readjusted one that these and also if so how difficult would the be?Thanks
Just walk mine about 2 mainly ago...Not too bad but you"ll need to be patient. The Fan control module is located under the battery tray. You"ll need to take the end the battery and battery tray (about 10 bolts total). Then, the module is bolted come the structure upside down so looking under from the engine compartment, you"ll see the 2 boltheads. Unscrew and also module will certainly be released. Disconnect the 2 connectors, plug in the new module and reinstall in reverse order. It"ll take 1 to 1.5 hours. I discovered the module virtual for $90.
That doesnt sound that bad. Can you tell me where precisely you gained the part? I"m just trying to stop dealer costs.
Got it at Auto components at AutohausAZ - OEM Auto components - Discount instead of Parts, Resources and also Car care TipsPart # 1J0919506K it"s a 14-pin module. $99.40 consisting of shipping. Acquired it in 2 days through standard delivery.

I replaced mine a couple of days ago. I had the battery relocated come the stems anyway so that was only 2 bolts and a little bit of messing v the connectors. Took probably 10 minutes v the battery tray currently out.
How execute you recognize its the fan regulate module? my AC just went out for no reason, i barely usage it however it no much longer turns on. How can you phone call its this part, need to it show up on a VCDS scan? i scanned however nothing favor that shows? ns hope my problem is this straightforward as fine my children were baking the various other day in the car.

My car has been running warm for a when now, the motor just seems to be warm all the time. The fans used to run more frequently currently they it seems to be ~ to run much much less frequently. If the automobile is driven hard then shut turn off the pan don"t seem to it is in on at all but when the vehicle is idling warm sometimes the pan run tough then shut down pretty quick.

Yeah. My fan manage module to be only half dead. The still ran the large fan sometimes on low-speed but the high-speed and also after-run modes didn"t work.
The tell-tale authorize is the your engine cooling fans will not come on when you press the AC button and also your AC compressor will not absent in either. It generally won"t show up on a scan. The module shuts turn off the AC compressor in bespeak to prevent an extra fill on the engine, which would drive the temperatures up also more...

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