I acknowledge that this bulb is a cosmetic update only, and will not administer an increase in irradiate output.
This product plugs in directly, without alteration to currently wires.

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This product tote a 3 Year replacement Warranty. See listed below for details.


Direct replacement for Nissan Pathfinder fog light bulbsModern LED style, with long lifePlug and play, no modification with factory H3 pear sizeCosmetic upgrade just - will certainly not increase output


Modern Foglights. Replacement LED bulbs space a great way to improve the look at of the fog lamp on your Nissan Pathfinder. Whether you"re equivalent the headlights, replacing worn-out typical bulbs, or just including some style, this is among the easiest and most reliable upgrades you deserve to make because that the overall lighting setup on the Pathfinder.

Brightness. All Diode Dynamics LED bright is rated v accurate, measured lumen figures, no calculations or guesses. We test the true output in-house, and administer you the genuine numbers come compare. Because that H3 fog light bulbs, the choices we market are because that cosmetic update only, to provide a cool white LED apperance on her Pathfinder. We do not offer any bulb alternatives in H3 that will upgrade the calculation of the factory bulbs.

Colors the match. most of us have actually seen bright setups with random shades the white the don"t rather match. At Diode Dynamics, we operate an complete sphere, i m sorry is a item of lab tools used to analyze exact shade spectrum of the LED bulbs us produce. By testing each batch that products, we deserve to ensure that all bulbs will enhance in color, come avoid assorted tints that white. These bulbs will match any other upgrades friend may have from Diode Dynamics, because that factory-style uniformity and also a clean appearance.

Reliability. Diode Dynamics LEDs are developed with constant-current inductive circuitry, in addition to transient suppression. They are tested by our engineering team through a an equipment that replicates years of voltage spikes, choose the ones produced each time the alternator starts and stops on her Pathfinder. This is what kills most LED bulbs over time, but as with factory components, Diode Dynamics LEDs space designed with built-in circuit protection. While much more expensive than simple bulbs, this allows Diode Dynamics LEDs to last because that years, through no flickering or failure.

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Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is just one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly assemble and also engineer one increasing variety of products in the united States, allowing for greater quality and performance, through the newest and also brightest LED technology. Whether it"s a Nissan or something else, us pride ourself in offering just the best feasible LED solutions. Please contact us if you"d favor to comment on your bright project!

H3 COB12 - much more details

Opposing COB type emitters.Durable steel construction.Inductive circuit for high reliability.86 lumens every bulb.