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I"m obtaining my Stang earlier on the roadway & prepared for paint and body. The engine rotates however no firing. Ns didn"t listen the fuel pump on for this reason I began searching and also have to be told the was most likely a fuel pump relay, kill switch in trunk, and lastly probably the fuel pump. Where is the fuel pump relay? I have seen 2 areas guessed at...right fender and under the chauffeurs seat. I do recognize that it"s not under the seat, i already tried that and also the relay in the fender. I bought the relay to check out what the looked like and also didn"t check out anything remoatly the same, similar thing it under the ideal fender after i peeled earlier the plastic wheel well. Help!!! require to get my car back on the road!
Welcome come AFM! Let"s relocate this to the 4.6 tech section and also get you part help.Thanks for joining!:bigthumbsup
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