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So make the efforts to get the driver seat the end of my parts jeep to sell it tomorrow yet it is therefore far back I cant gain to the earlier bolts. Obviously native parting out and what no there is no strength and missing fuses, wiring harnesses and connectors. Is there a way to move it manually? Thanks in advance.

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Found a means to perform it without power. If you traction the side plastic cover and look towards the former of the framework you will uncover a square head fitting. Through a drill and also the appropriate square bit you can move the chair no problem. View pics.
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A little an ext info around the pics. That was the driver next seat looking at it from external the driver next door. Ns pulled the plastic next cover that has actually the switches off to obtain to that point. After ~ looking at it an ext I"m pretty sure you have the right to do the same thing with the various other seat adjustments. Very recommend using a cordless drill though, mine was dead so ns was utilizing a 1/4" ratchet and it took FOREVER!! It yes, really doesn"t take much pressure at every to relocate it.
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Found a method to carry out it there is no power. If you pull the next plastic cover and also look towards the former of the structure you will discover a square head fitting. With a drill and the appropriate square bit you can move the seat no problem. See pics.

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