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I skipped a rock and also accidentally broke the fog irradiate glass lens and bulb on my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I decided to simply buy a brand new set of Mopar OEM fog lights and replace it. Ns was wondering just how to change the bulbs. Ns would favor to buy part H3"s yet I cannot obtain the lens off. Is it possible to remove it?
I skipped a rock and also accidentally broke the fog irradiate glass lens and bulb on mine 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I determined to just buy a brand new set of Mopar OEM fog lights and also replace it. I was wondering how to change the bulbs. Ns would like to buy some H3"s but I cannot get the lens off. Is it feasible to eliminate it?
It"s been awhile since I"ve done it however there is a little cover top top the bottom (I think) held in by 2 screws. Remove the screws, the cover and also the bulb is exposed. H3? I"m no sure, but Silverstar makes some replacements.When girlfriend look in over there you"ll watch a item of metal in front of the bulb. I gotten rid of mine therefore it would let more light out the front. Ns cannot reason why they would block the irradiate from the former of the bulb! the isn"t a reflector simply a bulb shaped hunk the metal! :brickwall:Oh, btw, I"ve broken two that those now. I have actually purchased 2 from ebay. The an initial one to be $40 shipped, the 2nd one (just got it last week) was $22 shipped. Provided yes, yet I don"t care. They are tiny and if ns remember appropriately Mopar wanted $130 EACH!!! because that them.

I will give that a try. Yeah, I observed what Mopar wanted. By chance, a man on Craigslist had a brand new pair (still in the boxes!) and sold them come me for $85.

I was making that way harder than it required to be. Hahaha...I simply popped that peak piece off v a flat head screw driver. Say thanks to you therefore much!
I to be making that way harder 보다 it required to be. Hahaha...I just popped that optimal piece off with a level head screw driver. Give thanks to you so much!
Yeah, it"s less complicated than an altering a headlight. Friend never recognize the skill level of civilization though, therefore I uncover it"s ideal not to begin with "Are friend stupid?" :rofl:Look for that piece of metal I told you about, yank it! I simply stuck part needle nose pliers in there and also twisted.Oh, I"ve never changed mine, however I think you can readjust them up and also down by making use of a phillips head screwdriver. Side to side ns "think" however it will take a torx, again, doing all this from lengthy term memory.I experienced several new fog light replacements ~ above ebay, however they were all aftermarket and also not mopar. If you obtained the mopar"s because that $85, an excellent deal!!!

Yeah, I observed that metal shield thing. Pointless! i was enthusiastic to to speak the least around the $85 Mopar"s. Say thanks to you SO much for her help, i really perform appreciate it.

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Yeah, I saw that steel shield thing. Pointless! ns was enthusiastic to to speak the least around the $85 Mopar"s. Thank you SO lot for your help, i really execute appreciate it.

that metal thing is a deflector to do the light reflect backwards onto the housing reflector and project a more FOG trusted beam. Through the steel deflector unable to do there is nothing to emphasis the beam properly. That will give off what shows up to it is in a better/brighter pattern but there is nothing over there to in reality "focus" claimed pattern
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