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I have actually the Haynes manual and also I"ve searched here however I to be still unsure of whereby it is. My check engine irradiate is on and also it has a bit of a rough idle sometimes. I desire to examine the PCV hose the is mentioned numerous times right here as the culprit however I don"t watch it. I see a little "L" shaped hose on the best side the the former of the engine and also I watch the water tap that originates from the air filter box but it"s no either of those, correct?Thanks, Toby
The PCV valve is located in the front, top top the ideal of the exhaust header when looking in ~ the car from the front. You deserve to pull it through your fingers, that is not screwed on.For the unstable idle, examine all hoses for broke down or damaged hoses, they can do that.

OK, that"s where I believed it was. The PCV valve was changed recently, just not by me. So is that small hose the is attached to the PCV valve the one that is regularly bad? Mine is an extremely hard but I haven"t inspected it closely yet. Thanks for the help.toby

Hi guys, ns am preparing to adjust PCV ~ above my girlfriend 2001 Wagon; review some DIYs, witnessed some images and also got a small bit perplexed --the hose the is frequently gets collapsed -is it just one hose concerned PCV? The image over shows P/N F8CZ-6N664-AA; in other places I experienced XS4Z-6N664-BA (I guess: v it"s upgraded version with insulator). Simply wanted to check --should I acquire one the those hoses and PCV come be for sure or I might see some various other hoses collapsed? give thanks to you, Leo
There"s a an extremely short rubber up front that the valve attaches to then a separate long rubber line in ago of motor, that 2nd one is the line the collapses or sucks a feet in it. Shown in article #7. In between the two there is a dead directly steel pipe that runs closely and also bolted to finish of head, it extends to earlier of motor wherein the various other long finish attaches.
I have aftermarket one installed and also it permit the air go both ways. Got Motorcraft OEM and it walk the exact same thing. Is it normal? ns guess PCV valve must let the waiting go simply one way --that it purpose?
If you could, very first confirm for us your engine kind and the ar of the part you room replacing. (some various other parts of PCV systems have open connectors)
It"s 2.0 liters Zetec 16 valves DOHC. P/N is YS4Z6A666BA. Ar is the very same as on photos in this thread. Say thanks to you
OK, just making sure - add on write-ups to a subject aren"t constantly a an excellent fit once not every the info like engine form is in them.Won"t be a perfect seal one means valve, but the rattle kind mentioned previously does resist reverse flow. (some other species that space spring loaded are more obvious one way valves)Oh, BTW - ns noticed one pic. Proved stock parts and also the other showed one aftermarket alternative type valve & hose.
So it"s easier access from underneath? That"s no a difficulty for me due to the fact that I have actually ramps. Looks prefer there is much less stuff to reach around. Can someone offer me a quick yes/no. Have PCV valve and the quick hose.
Easier access to WHAT, there is no quick answer v an unanswerable question. Valve and short prior hose readjust from the top, ago hose indigenous bottom.

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