sarahbyu1 wrote:You"re every so fabulous. Say thanks to you!It walk NOT have actually the HD towing package. It has actually a receiver that says the GTW is up to 5000 lbs. Is the the finish of the story? 5000 pounds?

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sarahbyu1 wrote:You"re every so fabulous. Give thanks to you!It does NOT have actually the HD towing package. It has a recipient that states the GTW is approximately 5000 lbs. Is that the finish of the story? 5000 pounds?
No the is not correct.Its simpleOn your vehicle drivers door article there have to be a stickerThe sticker will have tire size, waiting pressure and also weight info.Under the weight info it will offer a pair of sets of numbers;lettersThe 2 your interested in are:1/ gross automobile weight(GVWR). An interpretation the actual manufactures load of vehicle. 2/ Gross mix weight)GVCWR), an interpretation the auto weight loaded with persons, fuel, and also any towed vehiclesNow for alittle math: Subract the GCVWR //your camper load fromYour GVGW (also discovered on the title,and registration)ExampleTV weight without persons, fuel or traile (GVWR) 3850 lbs.TV Maxiunm enabled weight (with trailer) (GCVWR) 6750 lbs.*What your max weight capability is 2900 lbs.*** includes people, belongings, fuel, her camper totally loaded, including propane water, and all the rest.above is an example only, not knowing your TV or what her looking come pull. Each auto depending on the manufactures choices will have actually varying abilities.** The amount of weight the you can include to the TV and drive that safely there is no overloading.Another an approach is to contact the TV dealer and also give castle the vin number and they will certainly be may be to also tell you.Hope its helps with expertise the dot rating mandated on most late version door write-up "You never fail till you prevent trying!!"My advice is complimentary but ns do consider donations
APT wrote:The payload stickers started for 2006.
dadmomh wrote:Among all these number is the extreme caution to permit yourself about 1000# in the load you can tow/carry and also what you discover in the GVWR rating the a trailer. You require room come spare because that those time you may carry much more water, load heavier 보다 you generally would or noþeles else the comes up. Over there is likewise a percentage to use as a guide and I seem to remember it being 80% the the GVWR, yet as normal memory fails me and this may not be totally accurate. In any kind of event, if your truck has actually the ability to safe tow 7000#, don"t walk out looking for a trailer that weighs 6700#....stop when you acquire to 6000#.
fla-gypsy wrote:Based ~ above the 2001 towing guide and the details you gave that expedition is rated at 6600 lbs max (3.31, 2wd, 5.4L). The remainder of the info needed (max tongue weight) will be stamped in or labeling on the receiver chin (if equipped). You are going come be restricted to approximately 6k depending on tongue weight.2001 towing guide
sarahbyu1 wrote:I"m sorry. I think girlfriend don"t understand. The payload sticker is not obtainable on my car. That"s part of the man we"re having. Castle began adding those stickers after my automobile was manufactured.
sarahbyu1 wrote:We just can"t it seems ~ to get a straight, clean answer about the towing capacity of our Ford Expedition. We would certainly really prefer to ere ~ above the side of caution and are worried that we"re analysis something incorrect. The owner"s manuals are simply confusing us and I feeling so stupid! have the right to someone please aid us? I have this details from the ID tags in my car:Ford exploration XLT TritonYear: 2001GVWR: 6700 lbsTires: 16LAxle ratio: 3.31Engine: 5.4L4x2On my bumper, the says:Max Tongue Load: 400 lbsMax pistol Trailer Weight: 4000 lbsAt this owner"s manual link, it states that the GCWR is 5,443 lbs.What does all of this mean? *LOL*
APT wrote:The payload stickers began for 2006. Tow rating should be in the 6000-7500 pound range if you have the HD towing package. Go it have a 2" recipient or just bumper hole?

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