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First, start your car. With the automobile running discover the fuel cut-out move in the trunk and pop the up. Allow the automobile run until it dies. This will certainly be nearly immediate. As soon as the vehicle dies, eliminate the keys from the ignition. Climate reset the switch so friend don"t forget. Next you"ll need a 5/16" or 8mm weapon of selection to loosen the hose clamp the secures the filter come the firewall. I discover a 1/4" journey 5/16" deep socket through a 3" expansion on a 1/4 ratchet functions well. The fuel filter is located just under and to the left that the power brake booster on the firewall. You might need to remove the intake tube to get accessibility depending on your build. I a skinny SOB for this reason I can fit right in. Ease the hose clamp therefore there"s around an 1/8" come 1/4" top top clearance between the filter and the clamp. You require this room to clean the filter past the brake booster. If you have actually an oil pan or some other device, stick it under the vehicle in around the place of where the fuel filter is as there will be part fuel leaked indigenous the process. I uncover the following step is much easier reaching from the passenger next fender behind the engine, however you"ll need to remove the fuel lines from the filter. To perform this friend will must remove the hairpin clips that secure the fittings come the filter. Find the behind of the clip (two pointy ends) and also push through your fingers till it"s flush v the fitting. Then making use of your fingers, or a small screwdriver if it"s stiff, pull the tab of the hairpin clip to completely remove. Then just pull the fittings off. They might be somewhat stiff, however give them a an excellent pull and also they"ll come off. This is also where you will leak some fuel. Eliminate the bottom installation from the filter as well. With both fittings removed, you can wiggle the filter out of the car. If it"s quiet stuck, you"ll should loosen the water tap clamp some more. Environment is the turning back of removal. If friend brake the clips that secure the fuel line to the fuel filter, don"t worry. The brand-new filter come with brand-new hairpin clips. Once you get the new filter in, and also everything is secure, placed the secrets in the ignition and also turn come the run place (but don"t start car) climate off. Perform this three times. Make sure you listen the whining of the fuel pump. If you don"t listen the fuel pump, possibilities are you forgot to reset the cut-out siwtch. Reset the switch and do the run-off cycle three an ext times. Then begin the car. It may be a little bit rough at first. This is normal as there will certainly be a little bit of wait trapped in the fuel lines, however it should smooth the end in about in minute at the longest. Check for any kind of fuel leaks. If there are none, you"re excellent and an excellent to go.Matt

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1. Purchase a Haynes manual2. Check out Haynes maual3. Read and search suitable threads, trust us, it"s been covered before4. Resolve car5. Consume beer of task well done