Depending on exactly how comfortable you room under the hood of her Dodge, friend can quickly replace your IAC valve in less than 20 minutes. Also if you"re more novice 보다 natural, replacing her IAC valve is a fairly straightforward DIY project.

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This article applies to the second Generation Dodge ram (1994-2001).

The IAC valve in her Dodge lamb monitors and also regulates exactly how much air enters her engine once you idle. Your vehicle can stall if your IAC is can not to save the appropriate amount of wait flowing right into your engine. If her Dodge Ram begins stalling each time you idle, climate it"s likely time to replace your IAC valve. Part Dodge lamb owners recommend cleaning your IAC valve and also seeing if the resolves the problem before replacing it. But since you"ll still must remove the IAC valve come clean it and the expense of a brand-new one is no that high, you may too replace it to help improve your vehicle"s performance.


Materials NeededNew IAC valveSocket wrenchLong driver wrenchPliersFlashlight (optional)

Step 1 – Prepare to change your IAC valve

Leave your car parked for at the very least an hour prior to replacing her IAC valve. When the hood is cool to the touch, open it and also lock it in location with the hood prop.

Step 2 – situate the IAC valve

Look because that the IAC valve, which friend will discover on the accelerator body. The IAC valve is cylindrical, and also there is an electric connector coming out of it.

Figure 1. Identify and also locate the IAC valve.

Step 3 – remove the electric connector

Pull the electrical connector turn off of the IAC valve and collection it aside. Be careful not to damages it, together you’ll reconnect it to the new IAC valve. Once you’ve gotten rid of the electric connector, you should see 2 screws holding the IAC in place.

Figure 2. Situate the electric connector.
Figure 3. Gently pull electric connector out. You"ll replace it after you install your brand-new IAC valve.

Step 4 – eliminate the 2 screws

Since friend will have to work about the fuel bridge, usage a long driver socket and also pair the pliers to remove the first screw. If the fuel leg is not in the way, then you deserve to simply usage a driver socket. V the flex drive over the bridge, you easily can accessibility and eliminate the second screw stop the IAC in place.

Figure 4. Use a long driver as well as pliers to accessibility and eliminate the first screw hold the IAC valve in place.
Figure 5. Usage socket wrench to remove second screw stop IAC valve in place.

Step 5 – eliminate the IAC valve

Pull the IAC valve straight off that the accelerator body.

Figure 6. With screws removed, you can easily accessibility the IAC valve and also remove it.

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Figure 7. The IAC valve removed.

Step 6 – change the IAC valve

Install your IAC valve by reversing the measures you took to eliminate the old IAC valve:

Insert new IAC valve. Be certain to align the holes on the valve through the screw holes. Relying on how lot light friend have, you may need to usage a flashlight come see and also confirm the you’ve aligned the holes.Insert each screw, and then usage your socket wrench to tighten both.Reconnect the electrical connector.Finally, close the hood.

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