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I carry out not have the money to take it it to who is over there anything I have the right to do to repair this mine self?? occasionally the turning singles work and also sometimes they do not, correctly it"s in the wiring, however where perform I start to track under the problem?? aid ME you re welcome !!! thanks for your help.Bon,... Thank you for your reply.To the two men who provided me very great instructions top top what to do, thankyou, i feel choose I"m preforming surgical procedure here. Removed the dash sound scarry come me, but I think I have the right to do this.. Again give thanks to you to all !!!!
This is a an extremely easy difficulty to fix. The trouble lies in the hazard/flasher all-in-one switch, i beg your pardon controls both your risk flashers and also your revolve signals. This switches to be poorly made and end up wearing the end prematurely. The part itself must be about $55 from a GM dealership. To change it you need to remove the instrument panel face, unplug the switch (the black switch with the red/orange triangle), and pull it out, then placed the new one in. Instructions on removed the tool panel dealing with can be discovered here: component number for the switch is: 10359031.Good luck!
This is usually just the flasher module quitting top top you. Change the finish hazard switch/flasher module and also you"ll be okay.
Hi Kim, I have actually the same problem with mine 2001 GM car. One transforming signal doesn"t occupational at all and also the other goes also fast. So probably it"s a problem with the 2001"s. Great luck come you.
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