i to be driving approximately today with a friend and he had the passenger home window down. We drove by some construction and i heard a couple rocks hit mine car. A couple seconds later he do the efforts to role the home window up for this reason he wouldnt acquire hit through the rocks and also it wouldn"t walk up. We acquired it come go about 4 customs up and then it provides a grinding noise and also wont go up any further. does anybody have any type of idea wat the problem is or how to deal with it? Is it feasible one the those small rocks got down in there and also is obtaining in the way? Also, is there any means i might get it increase manually for the night?Thanks

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OK, pretty much finished increase the RF regulator replacement task today. Just a few comments ~ above the process. This was the first time replacing a power window anything because that me. Had actually a tiny learning curve. Right here is a connect to procedure because that remove/replace that the door panel:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Door_panel_removal_2001_Buick_LesabreHere room some note on the job:1. Tiny speaker at upper left does not pull directly out really well. I managed to break the plastic holding slot ~ above its ago side. Ns think it is supposed to slide up to get cost-free from the retainer pin. I supplied JB Weld to placed it back together; it is still drying...I"ll put it in tomorrow.2. Keep in mind the cable routing which serves to host the engine connector the end of harms way.3. Window was stuck down. Used longish 10mm box end wrench to ease clamps hold glass come regulator.4. Held window up by using item of 7/16" flakeboard reduced to 7/8" x 6" (Just taken place to in mine scrap timber box...did not need to cut!) press wood thru hole in sheet steel to right of door handle. Once turned vertical, that holds the home window securely.5. My regulator was past repair; ordered brand-new one (incl.motor) from eBay for $48.68, totally free ship; come in 5 days. Looked at the very least as good as original.6. Regulator come with home window clamps stopped number of inches down from full up. Ease clamps, bolt in regulator, lower window into clamps, and lightly tighten. (I injected silocone spray into side tracks) 7. Hook increase cables to controller and motor. Turn crucial on and also slowly reduced making sure window follows. Climate raise home window to top, then reduced to wherein you have the right to tighten clamps. Verify operation. Leave home window down.8. Follow procedure because that panel re-install. Note - remove peak right retaining pen until optimal of dashboard is in...then with in behind panel and also put pin back in.

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Don"t do what i did and forget where the cable to the door lock switch plugs!
every in all, nice easy solve and, when nobody really wants to do this type of repair, law it you yourself takes the sting the end of the $500. Repair we have actually heard about!!