Audi may consider the automatic transmission fluid in your A4 to be great for the life the the car, but that only means it is an excellent for the lifetime of the warranty. The does should be changed occasionally in order to store the transmission and torque converter functioning properly and also shifting smooth.

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This article applies to the Audi A4 (2005-2009).

The transmission liquid change, according to Audi, is not provided as a normal item of routine maintenance; however, together you start racking up the purpose of use on your Audi A4, it is simply a smart investment. Trusted shops recommend transforming it in between 30k and also 60k miles, and the device of the infection (which is not Audi yet ZF) proposal you adjust it by 80k miles. You will need to purchase a liquid pump to pump the liquid into your infection to fill it earlier up. For this reason if you"re ready to replace your tranny fluid, gloves up and read on.

Materials NeededDrain panJack and also jack was standing (four jack stands)10mm hex socket16mm triple square driveFluid pan6-9 quarts of the ideal transmission fluid

The A4 came with either a typical automatic infection in the Quattro fitted cars, or a CVT automatically in the former wheel drive cars. The oil readjust is similar with both, however the amount and form of fluid will differ, so be specific to use the exactly type. The place of the drain and fill plugs differs together well, however both are under the automobile in about the same area.

Step 1 – Raise and also secure car

Raise the car using her jack, then secure it with jack stands. Friend will have to secure the on 4 jack stand to store it leveled, i m sorry will permit all the liquid to drain. The front jack point out are straight behind the front wheels, and also the rear ones are straight in prior of the behind wheels. The jack was standing points space right alongside the jack points.

Figure 1. Jack points.

Step 2 – drain old fluid

Place your drainpipe pan underneath the drain and also the fill plug. Girlfriend will have to remove both the fill and drain plugs to drainpipe the fluid completely. Let the liquid rain till it"s completely empty.

Figure 2. Drain plug (blue arrow) and fill plug (red) ~ above tiptronic automatic.
Figure 3. FWD dare came v a CVT transmission, with the drain and also fill plugs right alongside each other.

Step 3 – fill transmission with fluid

Close the drain plug and tighten it, then begin pumping fluid in with the to fill hole. The only method to understand when the tranny is complete is when fluid leaks the end of the to fill hole. As soon as it"s full, tighten the to fill hole earlier up begin the car, and also while your foot is on the brake, shift the automobile into reverse, neutral and drive for 10 secs per gear, however don"t drive the auto yet. Placed the shifter ago into park and also shut the motor off, then pull the fill plug and include fluid again until it drips out. Tighten the plug and also you need to be done because that at least an additional 50k miles.

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Figure 4. Fill transmission with fluid.

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