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I seem come be search retarded ns cannot discover on below what the recomended spark plug void should be, ns did part google searching and came up through 0.44? does this sound right cannot with NISSAN organization techs in ~ this time, please check or throw me under bus. Is this correct?:banghead:

so ns guessing no-body just wanted come answer, this yet someone in an additional thread advised the it is 0.043 so just wanted to share the to pass the expertise around, thanks

You arent intend to void the iridium plugs i beg your pardon Nissans use. If you try you will damage the iridium tip. They perform not need to be gapped.

ooops well ns did.... Hope ns didnt damage them would have actually been pretty to know that ahead of time, oh well friend live and also you learn

so if i didnt rest the tips off or anything they should be yes sir I mean I didnt also really gap them out that much, I simply kind of measure up em to make sure, yet how would certainly I recognize if i damaged them?
....iridium is damaged, and also thus little parts might fall right into the burning chamber and also possibly reason engine damage. Also if you not see damage to the tips through the naked eye, it might still have ocurred. It will certainly become obvious when the tip is exposed to the stresses of the combustion stroke/cycles as the damaged tip more erodes and also falls off.NEVER void iridium plugs.
Thanks for the info I will pull the former ones once I gain home and check them.. Ns dont think i really gapped them at every they were currently at 0.040ish I simply kind of thrust the gapper v to inspect it, yet you kind of have actually me concerned now. So really nothing at this point I deserve to do ns guess? i will inspect them however from what you claimed it sounds favor I should mess v them no longer or anything. Good to know
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yeah yeah five well not prefer these points come with a note inside the them speak hey do not gap, luckily they were pretty lot pre gapped. However yeah great learned on the one for sure.

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