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I am going to change my oil and would like to know if I should use 5w30 or 10w30.The manual states 5w30 but my father tells me that you should never use 5w30, rather I should use 10w30.I have a 2001 Altima GXE w/ 48,000 miles. Automatic. Live in SE Wisconsin (Cold winters, mild summers).Any opinions?Thank you.
Oil preferences and opinions are as different and personal as the people that offer them. Having said that, here"s mine. I think you can benefit from using a 5W-30 oil, especially during your winters. But I would only use a synthetic in a 5W-30, and I would have no worries whatsoever. If you use a non-synth, I would use 10W-30. Of course I would only use synthetic anyway, and probably a 10W-30 in the summer. Just my opinion, FWIW.
What about the oil filter? Are there some that are better than others. I have used fram extraguard on other vehicles, but have heard that they are some of the worst of the after market filters.
Use 5W-30, especially this time of year. It used to be that 10W-30 was significantly more shear stable than 5W-30. However, among conventional oils, both will begin to shear down to a 20 weight at temp in as little as 1,500 miles."I have used Fram Extraguard on other vehicles, but have heard that they are some of the worst of the after market filters."You heard correctly. Use OEM or Wix (NAPA Gold).

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"I"ve used regular Fram on my car for years w/ no side effects."Perfectly believable. Many engines will put up with a fair amount of neglect ... and that includes the dry starts you often get with Fram"s leaky anti-drain-back valve ... as well as the way they stay open (in bypass mode) longer and fail to filter at all while this is the case. :balls: If you change your oil frequently, it might not matter what filter you choose. It might. :crazy: But with so many other filters available, some for even less money, I"d choose any filter over Fram.

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